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Mais tu voudrais qu'elle soit ta reine ce soir, même si deux reines c'est pas trop accepté | INACTIVE RIGHT NOW | +18 IRL

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~ You were the song stuck in my head ~

Time Zone — London, UK

~ She looked like Heaven... and felt like Hell ~

Wall rules.
~ No spam, no advertising, no 'thanks for the follow'.
~ Don't bring your quarrels. Grow up and play it alone, don't put me in the way.
~ Your opinion of me makes my dick go limp, so don't bother saying it. 
~ Have trouble and need help? This time I don't want to sound rude, but if I'm scratched I will probably advise you to commit suicide. Not the right person, kid.
~ You can post rp starters, both to do with me and if they are open.

Lost in a world that doesn't exist ~

Roleplay Rules.
~ No god-modding, metagaming, Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
~ 3rd person and past tense only.
~ Try to control my OC and I'll rip off your head.
~ I don't rp with people under 13 years old.
~ Write the whole fucking word. Things such as tbh, hru, idk, btw, etc, etc, etc; are complete shit.
~ Make drastic changes if needed. Your OC must make decisions, and those decisions must have consequences. 
~ Interact with my OC, I don't give a fuck if your character is shy. In some situations it's fine but you can't just follow your way with your OC doing their life. Make the rp making make sense.
~ One-liners are a death sentence. Three warnings. Only semi-literate or literate roleplays. I occasionally understand shorter replies, but not constantly.
~ Maintain good grammar and punctuation or I will shut down the roleplay. Small mistakes are acceptable at times.
~ Write your character's name at least one time in every response. No, my memory is not the best and yes, I do have a bunch of rps so, names.
~ Transphobia, homophobia, christianophobia, islamaphobia, xenophobia, pedophilia, hembrism misogynism, sexism, etc, etc, etc, basically anything is allowed as long as we are IN the roleplay. Of course, wait for my OCs to respond to that fuck. OOC I do not tolerate ANY kind of hate.
~ No canon characters. Want it back-spelled? sretcarahc nonac oN. Got it? NO. I never know how to do that shit.
~ I can play multiple OCs.
~ I only play humans, elves, werewolves, vampires, demigods and goblins. No furries (I personally dislike them), demons (literally all of my OCs are, they're just not inmortal and they fuck better), angels or androids (not happening).
~ No dating outside the rp, my OCs won't be limited by your monogamy. Joke, although seriously, no.
~ I normally reply in a couple hours, but if I have a problem, slash I'm busy, it can take a day or two. Be patient with my responses and I'll do the same.
~ Swearing is fine. I use it a lot (noticed yet?), but if it's one of your triggers I won't.
~ Triggers: asterisks (*), incest and one-liners. Everything else is allowed, including explicit suicide, explicit self-harm, eating disorders, panic attacks, murder, mental illness, and explicit rape.
~ If you force my character into any of the situations mentioned and to mention, I will hang you by the testicles / ovaries.

List of my OCs here. (it's a link.)
You can owl me or post on my wall if you wanna roleplay.

Remember to forget ~

Roleplay Themes.
~ Harry Potter [Marauders era, post golden trio and new gen], Camp Half-Blood [new gen], Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Fantasy, Medieval, Royalty, Science Fiction, Dystopian, and Apocalypse. I don't mind trying new things, nor mixing them.
~ Friendship : enemies to friends, strangers to friends, friends to enemies, long-lost acquaintances, "brother from another mother", etc, etc, etc. No, for Merlin's cock; friends to lovers is NOT a friendship roleplay.
~ Family : long-lost whatever, close friends to not anymore, enemies to friends, adoption, step-anything, disfuntional, etc, etc, etc.
~ Romance : mature or not; fxf, fxm, fxenby, mxm, mxenby; enemies to lovers, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, already lovers, lovers to enemies, toxic, abusive, etc, etc, etc. Slow-burn only. If you're a minor mature is off the table. The fact that it's romance does not imply that it will be a healthy relationship.
~ For people who says 'mature romance' and just wanna fuck 'til our brains comes out: WAKE UP THAT'S NOT ROMANCE THAT'S PORN (I like it, but call it by its name)
~ I'll be clear. In every of my roleplays there must be some action going on. Adventure is ALWAYS my main plot.

School kills artists ~

You can address the account manager as Raven (she/her).
Personality: ISTJ-A (Assertive Logistician)
Age: not happening. Below 21.
Wand: elm wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¼" and rigid flexibility (just like my big knob).
Patronus: Fire-dwelling Salamander
Favourite Spell: Obliviate
Role Model: Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
Object I'd kill to possess: Marauder's Map
Favourite Marauder: Remus J. Lupin — "Moony"
Mirror of Erised: pff... delegate that power to so many people? Go eat your vegetables, kid.
Boggart: you in underwear. (I want you commando)
Hallow of choice: invisibility cloak
Animagus: American wirehair cat, white with gray stripes

~ Just tell me I'm not dreaming ~

Trying to live my life without desiring to murder every person that I see, and failing outright at that.

~ I don't wanna wake up ~

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Woman who feels attraction to ciswomen, transwomen or other feminine, pseudo-feminine or non-masculine identities.

                                                   𓂸 𓂺

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