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"Life, People, Kindness, Trust, Lies, Rumors, Betrayal," ~Someone

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<marquee behavior=“scroll” "direction=“right”><center><font size=“3”>I was innocent but then I got out from under the rock you put me under, now I am lost...</center></marquee>

People tell me that I should just give up, people say that I will never be perfect/good enough for them. That I should just never talk to them again, for I am not like them. What if I don't want to be perfect like you? That I don't want to be you? That I want to be the opposite of you, so I can finally be free.

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<marquee behavior=“scroll” "direction=“right”><center><font size=“3”>Um...why you reading this? Your still reading, stop, move on, gooooooo, ahhhhh, I don't know what to put here, see now you embrassed me, happy?</center></marquee>

Okay, so, I am your typical white boy gone wrong, placed in the wrong house situation. Blah blah blah blah I like girls blah blah but I also like boys? blah blah blah I guess I am lost then hahaha help...

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<marquee behavior=“scroll” "direction=“right”><center><font size=“3”>Hey! Haven't seen you on in awhile, but I guess I could have made more of an effort to see you..Sorry..I will try harder! I don't want you to feel left out!</center></marquee>

Hey I am Grace, hopefully we can or already are friends. Also I like warm hugs!

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