nothinG feEls reAl anYmoRE

are you hearing voices again??

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name: Luna Lestrange, but I got my nickname (016) from how old they expected me to be when I was  first initiated into the Dark Side. I turned out to be younger then they thought, and they wre intrigued on how well I could already handel difficult spells. I was to be there weapon, they told me. Dumbledore had Harry Potter. So now the Dark Lord has me. The experiments were interesting and fun at first, but they slowly got harder and harder, and more and more painful and I was worked until I collapssed from exhaustion. Only then did they stop and let me rest, but not for long. I took my last name from Aunt Bellatrix, and I don't reamember where I got my first. They ddn't want anybody questioning my bloodline, and I was fine with Lestrange. I was treated with respect, known as the Dark Lords weapon, the closest thing to a daughter that he he had. The only time that I was treated bad was when I messed up and the Dark Lord punished me. I'm careful not to mess up anymore. But really, who wants to be a weapon in a war? 

Name: Luna Lestrange (known as 016)

Age: 16

D.O.B.: January 6 2006

 Blood status: Half-blood

 House: Gryffindor 

 Sexuality: Straight

Wand: Hazel wood, 12 1/2 inches with a phoenix feather core.

(in hih and pretty much everywhere else) Single 

Nicknames: amy (ariana) melon (suzy) Lulu, Sixty, Es, make up one and I'll put it here. 

I love listening to music (mostly alternative and 80's). I play the electric guitar and the piano. I'm in love with the rain, so if you take me on a date make sure its raining so we can drive in the night and dance in the downpour really badly. My fav tv shows and movies atm are Stranger Things and Ghostbusters (I know it was a really bad movie, but thats what makes it so endearing). I pass the time with books and drawing things in my sketchbook. My aesthetic is mostly pics of fire and lightning, plus some skateboarding and rain/ badass quotes. 

I'm fine with romantic roleplaying as long as there isn't anything past kissing. Some of my favorite rp are Stranger Things, Harry Potter, and thats about it for now. I'm open up to anything though. 

Y'all can swear on here just I don't want anything homophobic or any rasicm comments that go against what we were marching more in the BLM movment. 

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