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Hello and welcome to my page

This is an Rp only Account so here are some rules to follow if you plan to Rp with me!


Here is my Oc Link 

My Oc's Male and Female

[Will be adding more Oc's shortly!]


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  • PLEASE NO SPAMMING!! And what I mean is that if I don’t reply PLEASE GIVE ME TIME TO ANSWER!!! It’s because I’m either thinking of an answer or I have other people to respond to so PLEASE I REPEAT PLEASE WAIT AND I’LL GET BACK TO YOU!!

  • Tell me any triggers or anything that will bother you in the Rp as I don’t want to write something and have you be bothered by it later and then not say something afterwards so PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

  • I don’t care about how long your sentences are but give me something to work with okay as I am starting again to write longer sentences so don’t ask me to fix my paragraphs or anything as I’m new to writing long sentences!

  • Don’t start and Rp with me if you plan on leaving it as it will get annoying and I’d hate to have to delete the conversation for the Rp if you plan to quit!!

  • If you spam or anything like that I will automatically block you as I will be busy throughout the day in my real life outside of HIH so please I don’t want to have to block anyone okay!

  • Have fun with the Rp don’t make me have to do all the drama or action as it will get annoying if I have to do all the important things okay so please take some initiative into the RP!

  • Also please every now and then say your oc’s name as I do have a tendency to forget so keep that in mind and say your oc’s name!

  • Have a great time with the Rp if you’d like to discuss mid Rp don’t hesitate to ask away as I’’m always free to discuss okay!!

  • </ol>


    I will be posting the Starters for each Idea so just let me know which Idea you'd like to do and we can use the starter for it!

    Rp Ideas we can do if decided to do MUGGLE!


    Also I can do MxM FxF or FxM just let me know what we're doing before we start Rp!


    **Click me if you need help with Making Oc's!**


    Student x Teacher

    [Me As Student Starter]

    [Me as Teacher Starter]


    Parent [Mother or Father] x Kid [Son or Daughter]

    [Me as Father Starter]

    [Me as daughter Starter]

    [Me as Mother Starter]

    [Me as son Starter]


    Brother x Brother

    [Me as younger Brother Starter]

    [Me as Older Brother Starter ]


    Sister x Sister

    [Me as younger Sister Starter]

    [Me as older Sister Starter ]


    SIster x Brother

    [Me as Brother Starter]

    [Me as Sister Starter ]


    Collage Teacher x Student

    [Me as Teacher Starter]

    [Me as Student Starter]


    Princess x Guard

    [ Me as Princess Starter ]


    Prince x Guard 


    FBI Agent x Normal Person


    FBI Agent x FBI Agent

    [Enemies to Lovers Starter]

    [Friends to Lovers Starter]


    Mafia x FBI Agent


    Criminal x Normal Person


    Quiet girl x Cheerleader [can be FxF or FxM]

    [Me as Quite Girl Starter]

    [Me as Cheerleader Starter ]


    Quiet boy x football leader[ can by FxM or MxM]

    [me as Quiet boy Starter ]

    [Me as Football Player Starter ]

    And Also if you’d like to start off let me know and you can because sometimes I run out of Ideas to start with and if I do I’d let you know!!

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