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Spreading lies about you and me.........

Hello I'm Callum Cedirc Diggory Twin Brother Pleasure to meet you all! Discord: Friendly_Lion#6603 Email: 🦁⚔

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[If You're wondering, I've made the Header for my backstory!]

[So if you’d like one just comment on my wall or owl me and we can discuss what you’d like!]



House: Gryffindor

Second House: Hufflepuff

Third House: Slytherin


Hello and welcome to my Page I’m Callum Diggory, Cedric's twin brother. Even though we were twins, we were two different types of people okay! Now that’s settled let's get to some Info on myself!



My Theme Song: Middle of the Night Loveless

Second Theme Song: Boyfriend Dove Cameron


Name: Callum Gale Diggory

Status: pure-blood/ half veela

Birthday: 30 October, 1977

#1 Wand: Inches: 14 ½ inches flexibility Type: Applewood Core:unicorn hair

#2 Wand: Inches: 14 ½ inches flexibility Type: Yew Core:  Veela hair


Amortentia:  Sugar, Lemon/Lime, Paper/Ink, Grass, Peppermint toothpaste, Lavender, Sea Salt, Fire Smoke, Cedar Wood 

Animagus: Hound mix with a german shepard

Boggart: Losing Cedric

Mirror of Erised: Being happy with anyone!

Sexuality: Bi



Mother- [Unknown died when we were born]

Father- Amos Diggory


My two cat’s!


Kitten [Named: Jasper]

Adult cat [Named: Pearl]



Now time for RolePlay Info! [Like Rules and what types I do!]


Don’t Spam!

No Homophobia,Racial Slurs or anything that I don’t Like!

Write 2-4 sentences please 

Help write some action, don't let it be all just me!

[Don’t ask me to change my writing style if you don’t like it then don’t Rp with me!]



I don’t have any but, do let me know if you have anything that you’d like for me to not mention!


[What I don’t Do!]

° Adoption

° Double Oc Rp

° Neiko x Human/or anything

° Demon x Angel

°Robot x Human



° Draco x Harry

° Hermione x Harry

° Ron x Draco

° Draco x Harry

° Sirius x Remus

° James x Sirius

° Will x Mike

° Nancy x Robin

° Steve x Billie

°  Steve x Johnathan

°  Peter x Caspian

° Susan x Caspian


° Chronicles Of Narnia


° Harry Potter


° Stranger Things


° Criminal Minds


° Walking Dead


° Until Dawn


° 100


° Sam and Colby [Youtubers]


° TFIL [Youtubers]





° Boss x Co-Worker


° Yandere Neighbor[Adult Female/Male]  x Victim [Son/Daughter]


° Friends to Lovers


° Enemies to Lovers


° Student x Teacher


° Principal x Student


° Yandere Prisoner[Adult Female/male]  x Student [Highschool]




Forbidden Muggle-


° Mother x Daughter


° Son x Mother


° Father x Son


° Daughter x Father


° Step-Mother x Son


° Step-Mother x Daughter


° Step-Father x Son


° Step-Father x Daughter


° Aunt x Niece


° Aunt x Nephew


° Uncle x Nephew


° Uncle x Niece


° Step-Brother x Brother


° Step-Brother x Sister


° Step-Sister x Sister


° Sister x Sister


° Sister x Brother


° Brother x Brother


° Next door Neighbor [Adult Male/female] x Son


° Next door Neighbor [Adult Male/female] x daughter

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