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Hello..... I'm named Starbug!

Hello I'm called Starbug but you may call me whatever you wish [Only a NICKNAME though!] But I do Hope you all have a great day/night!! πŸΊπŸ¦πŸ¦…

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Ways to contact!

Discord: Starbug#5813



Recent Starter Links-

[Will Add one’s I’ve Finished here! Also Note: That the names in the starters I post can be changed!]

° Yandere Prisoner x Student ||18+ FxM [Any Kink can Happen] || [They were already together at one point [As I will explain in the Rp!]

° Principal x Student || FxM 18+ [Any Kink can Happen] ||

°  Chronicles of Narnia [The lost daughter] Theme Song: Chosen One Ella Martine|| FxM [My Oc is Peter Pevensie’s kid] ||


Rp Rule’s

° No Spamming Please just give me time to Respond as I will to you. I do have a very busy Life outside HiH so I probably won’t be able to respond as much as I like to!

°  Don’t Advertise on my wall please as I don’t want it/see it on my wall as it will automatically get deleted! 

°  No Mary Sue, Gary Sue, Racial Slurs, Homophobic, and or mean comments on my pag as well as in Rp as It’s RUDE and HURTFUL I get it if it’s RP but keep it TONED DOWN A LITTLE!


Oc Info! [Just Names, as the Age just Vary depending on the Rp!]

Name:  Olivia Brock


Name: Anastia Castee


Name: Maya Blake


Name: Austin Henderson


Name: Peter Robinson


Name: Luka Buckly



Hello There are some basic Oc Info/ Rp Rules now let’s get on to some Info About Me!!

*Smiles Happily!*

Theme Song: The Chosen One Ella Martine

Name: Maisy Ava-Rose Lupin

Nickname:Starbug [Only James, Sirius, Lily, Remus] 

Age: [Not getting!]

Birthday: [Not getting But just note I'm two years younger then Remus Lupin my brother!]


Patronus: Deer

Amortentia: Pepper, Ocean Water, Lime, seaweed, animal fur, lavender, grass/dirt

Boggart: losing Remus


[For use during Marauder Rp!]


[Quidditch: Seeker]

Second House: Gryffindor

Third House: Slytherin


[When Older -Golden Trio Era Rp!]

Professor Lupin [Of Magical Creatures]

Harry’s Godmother [An Protector to keep him safe.] 

Is Married to Sirius Black

Marauder Name: Seerer [I’m an Animagus which is a Cat]



Basic Rp-Fandom/Muggle/Forbidden Muggle


° Chronicles Of Narnia

° Harry Potter

° Stranger Things

° Criminal Minds

° Walking Dead

° Until Dawn

° 100

° Sam and Colby [Youtubers]

° TFIL [Youtubers]


° Boss x Co-Worker

° Yandere Neighbor[Adult Female/Male]  x Victim [Son/Daughter]

° Friends to Lovers

° Enemies to Lovers

° Student x Teacher

° Principal x Student

° Yandere Prisoner[Adult Female/male]  x Student [Highschool]


Forbidden Muggle-

° Mother x Daughter

° Son x Mother

° Father x Son

° Daughter x Father

° Step-Mother x Son

° Step-Mother x Daughter

° Step-Father x Son

° Step-Father x Daughter

° Aunt x Niece

° Aunt x Nephew

° Uncle x Nephew

° Uncle x Niece

° Step-Brother x Brother

° Step-Brother x Sister

° Step-Sister x Sister

° Sister x Sister

° Sister x Brother

° Brother x Brother

° Next door Neighbor [Adult Male/female] x Son

° Next door Neighbor [Adult Male/female] x daughter

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