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mischievous, chaotic lion

Hey guys! :)............ "How do I feel without coffee? Depresso."

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stupid Leo (he's so cold)

Full Name: Alexandra Rosaline Collins

Nickname(s): Alexa, Lexi

Pronouns: she/her

Sexuality: bisexual

Birthday: July 27 (Leo)

Wand: ash wood, snallygaster heartstring, 11 1/2 inches, rigid flexibility

Amortentia: pine trees, the ocean, burning wood, coffee beans, broom polish

Patronus: Borzoi

Boggart: a clown (they just creep her out for some reason)

Blood: muggle-born

Height: 5'2

Personality: outgoing, comedic relief/sarcastic, adventurous, protective of her friends/family, always willing to knock a bully down a few pegs, competitive when playing games

Likes: coffee, quidditch (chaser), exploring, pumpkin pasties, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, Potions, hawaiian pizza, horror movies, cute sweaters, winning games, rollerskating, baking, sunsets, animals

Dislikes: cold weather (she gets cold easily), History, Herbology, her middle name

Pet: a ginger-colored cat named Lion who likes naps and marshmallows

✧ FC (click for examples): Katya Sitak


click to listen to "gryffindor common room ambiance" (I play this in the background while I do hw)

obsessed with this sunrise 


IRL About Me

16 personalities result: ENFJ

horror fan, currently obsessing over Stranger Things

current classes on HIH: DADA, flying, astronomy

peanut butter is gross, a hotdog is a sandwich, milk is poured after cereal, waffles are better than pancakes, and pineapple belongs on pizza and you can't convince me otherwise

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