Honey Juliet Granger

I'm a Half-Blood! So don't Mess with me.

Hello I'm Honey it's a pleasure to meet you! [I know I'm a Half-Blood because my mom is a Muggle and my dad is a Pureblood.] My parents are Draco and Hermione!

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Way's to Contact me if the site is down!

Mail- HoneyPot@innocent.com

Wattpad- https://www.wattpad.com/user/SilverSnakeCove

Quotev- https://www.quotev.com/HoneyPot444Pivet 

Oc Link: 

Oc's- Harry Potter


“I’m a SlytherPuffGryff at heart so I can be both Kind and Rude and Brave at the same Time so don’t mess with me!”


My Main House: Of course Slytherin [Like my dad!]

Second House: Gryffindor [Like Mom!]

Third House: HufflePuff


My Moto-

Be brave, kind and ambitious at all times as you don’t know whenever you need to switch!




“ Babygirl, you broke me Tell me why you had to go and leave me lonely

You fucked me up, you did me so dirty Now everybody thinks that I'm the one that's crazy Don't hit my phone Now I'm on my own now. (Yeah) Memories start to change As soon as i go insane ("Alejandro, what the fuck is wrong with you?") “


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Name: Honey Juliet Granger



Hermione Granger 

Draco Malfoy



It was during the wizarding world [that’s all you need to know!]



Harry James Potter

Luna Lovegood


Boggart: Seeing my parents being tortured by grandpa

Animagus: it’s a baby [Color: White] garden snake

Mirror of Erised: Being happy with my friends and family!

Amortentia: Bubblegum, Venom, Honey, Hot Coco, Sugar, Lemons, Bread, Potions, Coffee,and toothpaste

Patronus: Octopus



Rp Rules- / Wall Rules- / Rp Info- 

Rp Rules- 

~ Let me know if you have any TRIGGERS as I’d hate to say something then it makes you upset!

~ Don’t Mary Sue or Gary Sue please no one is perfect!

~ Write at least a paragraph when you Rp with me [5-6 sentences] as I can’t think whenever you do  a One-Liner!

~ Don’t SPAM is all I ask as I need time to think and sometimes I’m not on my laptop all the time!

~ Major Rule [Note: Don’t be childish whenever we Rp or if I decline your Rp and then post something later as I will be BLOCKING YOU no if’s an’s and but’s about it so go be childish somewhere else!]


Wall Rules-

~ Don’t POST advertisements, chainmail, or a group promotion, or anything else as I have no need for it Please and Thank You!

~ NO homophobic/racial slurs if I see it Blocked or you get banned from my wall!

~ Be Polite is all I ask!



Rp Info- 

Either FxF or FxM or MxM

~ I also do Ships [Mostly for any of the Fandoms Below just let me know what type of Rp!]





Harry Potter

Stranger Things

Sam and Colby 








Possessive x Innocent 

Yandere x Anything 

Victim x Kidnapper 

Student x Teacher 

Principal x Student 

Mafia x Right Hand



Mother x Daughter

Father x Daughter

Mother x Son

Father x Son

Step-Mother x Son

Step-Father x Son

Step-Mother x Daughter

Step-Father x Daughter

Brother x Brother

Sister x Sister

Brother x Sister

Step-Brother x Sister

Step-Sister x Brother

Step-Brother x brother

Step-Brother x brother

Uncle x Nephew

Uncle x Niece

Aunt x Niece

Aunt x Nephew

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female/Male] x Son

Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female/Male] x Daughter

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