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Hiya everyone Welcome to MY PAGE! I only do Romance Rp's so FxF or MxM is what I'm comfortable with but I'm willing to do FxM but not all the time thanks!!

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Hello everyone and Welcome to my Page. I'd like to make a Notice Board here on my backstory to keep everyone updated on whenever I’m going to be Online or whenever I’m Online and Available to Role-Play!!




[Warning: This Notice Board will Change so keep an eye on It!]


– I Will Not be online on Fridays due to me having work that day and I will be exhausted so don’t expect me to Reply at all that day [But, I might be able to respond during my break so please don’t worry if I do or don’t respond]


– 19th  24th- 25th and the 1st [I will not be online those days as Three of them are Holidays and the 19th is a birthday I will be celebrating so I will not be online at all.


– I will only be focusing on some Rp’s depending on if I get enough requests to do one so don’t worry if I deny one it might be because I either have too many or I can’t do one at the moment but I will be able to do one in the future!


– Please Owl me if you’d like to stay in contact outside of HiH as I do have Email, Discord, Pinterest, Quotev, Instagram, and Twitter so please ask to have one of those Okay!!



Oc’s Section-

Female Muggle Oc’s-

Rosemary Mariyah Butler

Katherine Summers


Male Muggle Oc’s- 

Glenn Stephenson

Milo Kingsley


Fandom: Harry Potter

Marauder Era-




Golden Trio Era-




Rules Section-

– Please say your Oc’s name at least Once please, it’s hard to keep track of different Oc names if I’m doing different Rp’s!

– Please Do write at least a paragraph whenever we Rp as it’s difficult to reply to one liners and I’d hate to cancel the Rp.

– HELP write the ACTION or ROMANCE please. It's annoying and not fun to do whenever it’s just me so please help okay.

– I don’t have any triggers or anything BUT, if you don't end up using a trigger you have in the Rp use something YOU'RE COMFORTABLE WITH AS i’d hate to make you UnComfy with. 


Rp Info Section- 


– Vampire x Human, Neko x Human, Angel or Demon x Human, Anything unhuman x human

– Double Rp Oc’s

– Adoption Rp


Fandom Ship Section-

– Harry x Draco

– Ron x Blaise

– Hermione x Pansy

– Draco x Ron

– Hermione x Luna

– Pansy x Luna

– Draco x Blaise

– Blaise x Hermione

– Matteo x Harry

– Hermione x Matteo

– Sirius x James

– Remus x Sirius

– Regulus x James

– Will x Mike

– Robin x Nancy

– Steve x Eddie

– Billy x Steve

– Jj Maybank x John B Rutlegde

– Sarah Cameron x Keira Carrera 


Fandom Rp Section- 

– Harry Potter

– Chronicles of Narnia

– Until Dawn [Video Game]

– At Dead of Night [Video Game]

– Walking Dead

– Outlast [Video Game]

– Criminal Minds

– The Witcher 

– The Last Kingdom

– Stranger Things

– Lord of The Rings [Been a while but still can do]


Muggle Rp Section- 

– Assian x Assian 

– Boss x Co-Worker

– Student x Teacher

– Principal x Student

– Cop x Criminal

– Yandere x Anything

– Bully x Quiet Kid

– Queen x Servant

– King x Servant

– Princess x lower class

– Prince x lower class

– Spy x Fbi Agent

– Rebel x Goody Two Shoes

– Friends to Lovers

– Enemies to Lovers

– Lovers to enemies to lovers

- Mother x Daughter

- Mother x Son

- Step-Mother x Son

- Step-Mother x Daughter

- Father x Daughter 

- Father x Son

- Step-Father x Son

- Step-Father x Daughter

- Aunt x Niece

- Aunt x Nephew

- Uncle x Nephew

- Uncle x Niece

- Brother x Sister 

- Sister x Sister

- Brother x Brother

- Step-Brother x Brother

- Step-Sister x Sister

- Step-Brother x Brother

- Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Son

- Next door neighbor [Adult female or Male] x Daughter




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