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Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

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I am a proud Gryffindor, although I was almost sorted into Slytherin! Apparently I am quite brave but also very cunning. Could've fooled me. Anyway, I quite enjoy Potions and Care of Magical creatures. My least favorite class is none of them! I enjoy learning about everything:) I am a half-blood, my father was a wizard and my mother was a muggle. My blood status is something I am quite proud of, I am sometimes jealous of purebloods but I wouldn't trade it for anything. My greatest strength would have to be my imagination and my greatest weekness would be that I am not a very quick thinker. When I graduate I would like to become a healer. To me, the most interesting thing about magic is how old it is. I mean, it literally basically goes back to the beginning of time. I would like to help others with my magic, but I want to expand my knowledge as well. If I am being honest, I just want to make a name for myself. I have a barn owl named Tilley, she is quite fiesty. My family really isn't all that interesting.

My patronous is a Heron. 

My wand is an 11 inch Holly wood with a unicorn hair core. 

I love helping people with school work if you have any questions or need help just owl me! Just don't forget that I am a first year too;)

I also love to roleplay, just send me an owl and we can work it out! 

I really like to read and write. I have written many short stories and I do hope to have a fiction book of my own some day. 

I am learning a lot more about making my own music and I hope to be able to produce something some day.

My style is simple. I really just like lounge wear. Hoodies, sweat pants, leggings, you name it. Every so often I put on real clothes besides my robes and feel awesome. I love to wear converse as well.

I really like alternative music. Muggle stuff like Nirvana.

I love shows like HxH, DeathNote, Erased, The Umbrella Academy, Vampire Knight, Castlevania, PLL, TVD, TO, AHS. 

If I were to smell amortentia I would smell fresh mint, fire wood, apples, and brownies.

Like I said, my family is fairly nomral. My Pa on my dads side of the family loved potions so much that it took his and my Nan's life. Besides that, we were fairly normal. Until I was born. I am a Metamorphmagus. My mother and father were certainly astonished by it when I was born but loved me none the less. I often change my hair color to match my outfit but ya know. My family was known for being sorted into Ravenclaw but noooo not me. I'm definitely a Gryffindor. 

My characters appearance- 5'3, freckles, long black hair (even though she likes to change it often), slim, many small scars, bright green eyes, very dainty features, I like to leave this kind of open so people can imagine her as they'd like to.

I am also working on becoming an Animagus. 

My boggart is abandonment.

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