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Here is the times that I'm Free to Rp!!!

Monday through Wenesday:from 10 am to whatever time at night

Thursday and Friday: I am aviable at 9 am but I have work those two days so I won't be aviable till after 4 pm and so on

Weekends free any time unless I state other wise!!!


Hello everyone to those who Want to Rp with me I do have some Rules that I want you to know!

  • Rule #1 Please tell me if you have any triggers of course

  • Rule #2 If you plan on leaving the Rp let me know instead of not answering back

  • Rule #3 I will try and due long response whenever I have the time but when I do I will but I won't be doing them often since I do have a life to!

  • Rule#4 please give me time to owl back since I'm also doing other Rp's with people as well.

I will be adding either more Rules or Oc's as I see fit or necescarily n the rules but Oc's I will add more as I think of them

And one thing I do have trouble spelling so if somethings not spelled correctly it's because I don't know how to spell it!



(Harry Potter Characters)

Character Name:Olivia Potter

Age: 15

House Depends on Rp


Boggort: Afriad of losing a loved one

Wand: 13 Inches Phoniex core,(Same as harry's since shes his twin!)

(Main outfit mostly,when at home with her brother)


Name: Adrian Malfoy

Age:18(But depending on Rp!)

House Gryffendor


Wand:9 inches yamca wood

Boggart: Voldermort


(Arcane Characters)

Name:Alec Zuarn (Is Vi and Powder Older Brother)

Age: 18 (but when older when Jinx is created) Age: 22

From: Under City (Ends up after Exploision with Silico) ended up: Piltover and is Mel's gaurd but will be switched to Jayce!)


Outer Banks Oc's


Name:Erica, Heyward (is Pope's Twin Sister)

Age: 15

Theme Song:

Magic in the Hamptons-Social House

Jj's Best friend since for ever!

Is Bi


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