Kip Evermoore

Student, and vampire

I'm non binary so please use they, them, theirs when addressing me... Thank you !

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Kip a 190 yr old vampire is at Hogwarts they practically live there and are a permanent seeker for the Ravenclaw quidditch team. They've been adopted by McGonagall seeing as their family died long ago

they died, when the word spread through the village that a vampire coven was nearby Kip and their siblings were forbidden from going outside at night but they disobeyed and was turned into what they now were... A vampire. Their family tried to hide and protect them but the other villagers raided their home and killed anyone who tried to stop them from getting to Kip, this included their family... Kip managed to run, but they hated themselves for letting their family die, but they were frozen with fear in that moment...

They don't often get a chance to have human blood and usually they'll ask a close friend for blood if they desperately need it otherwise they hunt small animals such as rabbits and other critters 

Now if angered or threatened enough their vampire instincts may show and they will also defend those closest to them even if they risk getting themselves hurt 

They also have an empathic type ability, a lot like Jasper Cullen from twilight 

They are bisexual, sub/bottom, and are very childish most of the time... But they can be serious when needed

Also as far as physical gender they are female but address as non binary




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