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Hi! I am a halfblood though I didn't know until August 24. My family and I were chilling in our house, then suddenly a owl flies in.  I grab the letter and read over and over thinking ' What? Am I dreaming?' My mom then explains that when I was born she stopped using magic. And that I am a Metamorphmagus. It means I can change my appearance at will. I head to diagon alley, I see stuff that would be in my dreams. I exchange all my savings for wizard money. I decided to spend some on a snow owl I would name Meteor  . I am very fond of the stars. My name is actually Estella. Latin for star. Once I have all my crazy books and supplies. I head to Ollivander's where I get a 11 inch wand with dragon heartstrings as a core. I board the hogwarts express. I decided to spend some money on wizard candy. I get to hogwarts and the sorting hat is between ravenclaw and Gryffindor. I become a Gryffindor! I get exited, this is gonna be an adveture!
Basic Information 


Name: Estella Claire

Wand core: Dragonheartstring

Patrounus : Flamingo

Blood Stuatus: Half

Special: Metamorphmagus 

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