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"Serpents do not lose sleep over the opinions of mice"

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✬ I am a legal adult, please keep this in mind

I will not do mature, do not ask me to

✬ Controlling my character is not appreciated, please refrain from doing so

✬ Third-person pov is my preferred writing style, along with the occasional first-person. I favor longer, more detailed responses so I request that each reply has at least three sentences

✬ I usually partake in Hogwarts and Muggle rps. I do MxM, MxF, and FxF, just tell me which of my characters you would like me to use. I mostly do romance (enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc.) but am always open to others. Send an owl and we can discuss the details, including genre

✬ Whatever is happening between our characters is just that and not happening between us as writers

✬ Our story does not have to be exact to the fandom. While I appreciate and respect rules, I do not wish to have them to the extent that if something does not happen 'just as it did in the book' then it needs to be corrected. Let's not restrict ourselves to that, the fun of roleplaying is being able to make the story our own and have fun

✬ The website can be quite wonky for me at times and I do not always receive responses nor do mine always go through. If you go a while without hearing from me, do not be afraid to send an owl saying you've been expecting a reply. Heaven knows I probably have already sent it and am waiting for one in return or never even got yours in the first place. Please communicate, I will not get irritated by being asked such questions

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