Demos Dragonsong


I miss you my best mate Sirius B. Rip 5/18/17 RIP.

  • Joined June 2016
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 17 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


gender: gender fluid prefers pronouns they/them
birthday: July 13
sigh: cancer
Status: pure-blood
wand Rowan wood 12 3/4 inches dragon heart string core slightly bendy flexibility

Parents Muraco Dragonsong and Elizabetha Nott
sibs: Sheyenne Dragonsong
Mattais Dragonsong
Datoka Dragonsong

Random Favs
Class: potions and HOM
Animal: dragons
Food: Dessert
Patronus: fox
Animagus Form:
Languages: Greek Latin french Norse
Activity: playing music or writing
special talents: wand less

Demos is a child of a mixed background, he is the child of a native American wizard and an English witch. His mother fled from England during the second war not wanting to be caught up in pureblood politics. At least the European politics. One of the skills that he has spent his years both at home and in the school is that of wandless magic as well as healing skills. He was able to score high enough on his owls to gain an aprincetiship to St Mungos as long as he is able to score as well on his NEWTS. (please forgive any mispellings as I have a LD)

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