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"Lost time is never found again."

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Alistair was born to an affluent family that owns a luxury broomstick manufacturing company. He is the youngest among his siblings and the second son in his family. Having two older siblings to share the burdens of being an heir to the company, Alistair instead turned his attention to the performing arts and literature at the age of six. Being a retired semi-successful stage performer, his mother taught him everything she knew and his older sister taught him how to play the piano. Even if he wasn't an heir, however, his father's plan for him was to work in their company after graduating Hogwarts or working at the Ministry so he didn't approve of Alistair's dreams of one day becoming a famous musical performer. He was only allowed to be a part of Tinworth Theatre Association at the age of eight under the assumption that he was only doing it as a hobby.

For quite some time Alistair did his best to hide his true intentions just to please his father. It didn't help that his father drilled it into his head that aiming for a career in the performing arts was a bad investment and that there are many other people out there who were more talented than he was. His father always used his mother as some sort of cautionary tale for him because of how she never really made it big in her career. His mother would just stay quiet whenever this happens but Alistair would always defend her from his father. Though touched by his intentions, his mother would usually restrain him from further angering his father.

During his second year at Hogwarts he was scouted by a representative from the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts under the recommendation of one of his professors. It was then that Alistair started to think that his father could be wrong and that he might have a chance at his dream after all. Being underage means that he had to have his parents consent and while his mother might approve of it, his father definitely didn't despite an offer of a full scholarship in their theatre arts program. To make things worse, not long after finishing up his second year at Hogwarts his family moved to Sweden because of his father's business and had to transfer to Durmstrang and quit his theatre association.

Life at Durmstrang was more rigid and grueling compared to Hogwarts. The professors were more terrifying and the students more intimidating. Being the new kid also meant that he was the prime target of various forms of unpleasant pranks from the other students and unnecessary, and often negative, attention from his professors. Not everyone was unwelcoming of course and Alistair eventually made a few friends, one of which was Samuel, a boy in his year but a year younger than he was. Samuel was his closest friend and he was their house's Quidditch team's seeker. If it wasn't for him Alistair wouldn't have bothered to join their Quidditch team as a chaser since he and his small circle of friends mostly kept to themselves. By the end of their fourth year, their exceptional Quidditch skills and undeniable chemistry in the field slowly earned the respect of most of the people in their house; the same thing can't be said with the other house's view on them however.

Alistair and Samuel mostly bonded over their mutual disdain for their fathers. Their conversations would usually begin with one-upping each other about which of them had the worst father. Hearing things about Samuel's father made Alistair feel somewhat lucky to have his father for once in his life. Samuel's mother wasn't any better; she would usually turn a blind eye every time his father decides to abuse him verbally or physically. Samuel's older brother was the only one in his family to care for him but he wasn't around often. Samuel was glad that his parents sent him away to Durmstrang because at least there he'll have his friends, and he'll have Alistair. Alistair was always ready to listen to what Samuel had to say, he was there when he needed a shoulder to cry on, and he was there every time he feels weak because he couldn't allow himself to be weak elsewhere. Alistair was the one who kept all of his secrets and the one who had his heart. Luckily for Samuel, he was in Alistair's heart too.

After winter break during their fifth year at school, Samuel didn't return to Durmstrang. Alistair didn't hear anything from him during winter break either which made him feel uneasy because Samuel told him everything. A few weeks passed without any word from Samuel until finally Samuel's snowy owl Gabriel arrived with a letter for Alistair. Instead of Samuel however, it was from his older brother. Alistair learned that last December 31st, Samuel took his own life. He didn't need to keep on reading after that and he didn't need to know why because nothing else mattered; Samuel was already gone. He was utterly distraught about the incident and to avoid any scandal about his involvement with Samuel, Alistair's parents sent him back to Tinworth to live with his grandmother and transferred back to Hogwarts for his sixth year.

During the summer before his sixth year began he rejoined his old theatre association to keep his mind off of things and he was welcoemd with open arms. At this point his father couldn't care less about his ambitions so long as he stays out of any scandal. He was a bit rusty since it's been a while since he last performed but he eventually caught on and somehow found his muse as well as his will to perform. It was then that he began to take his most challenging role yet; the role of a healthy, happy, laid-back, and free-spirited individual.

Full Name: Alistair Luciel Rutherford
Age: 17
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birthday: November 23
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs.)
Eye: Blue
Hair: Dark brown

House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Alder wood, 14", Unicorn core
Patronus: None
Pet: Snowy owl named Gabriel
Affiliation/s: Tinworth Theatre Association; Rutherford Luxury Broomsticks

Father: William Osmond Rutherford (49)
Mother: Rosalind Elizabeth Rutherford (née Rockwell) (46)
Brother: Nathaniel Warner Rutherford (27)
Sister: Rosemary Hildegarde Rutherford-Archibald (25)
Grandmother: Sophia Clementina Rockwell (83)

FACECLAIM: Aaron Kyle Tveit
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