Charlotte Midnight

Half-Fae/Daughter of Hades

Charlotte means poor. Welcome to my poorly made intro! Love is Love, Pain is Pain, and Death is Death! Weird? Weird is my middle name!

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♡~Charlotte Rei Aerwyne~♡
♢Queen of Feels♢


Hii! My name is Charlotte Rei Aerwyne! Nice meeting you and welcome to my Backstory!
I'm new to Hogwarts and I hope to make friends! For starters, Aerwyne means Friend of the Sea and Charlotte means "Free Man" and "Petite"! I certainly loves flowers! I'm a cross between Girly Girl and Tomboy. I hate cliches, but I love romance! I'm into Action, A bit of Thriller, Anime, and etc.! I never met my parents and I'm trying to know who I truly am! I'm very determined to know about my Ancestory so I still don't know if I'm Pureblood, Muggle-Born, or Half-Blood.

•♡Story of My Life♡•

The night was cold, the lights were dim, and a fog was surrounding the small village of Britain. Two couples, with a black umbrella walked over to the orphanage. They spoke in whispers, as they placed down small basket in the doorstep of the orphanage. In that basket, is their daughter. Her name was Charlotte Rei Aerwyne.

|To be Continued|

♢{Friend List}♢

Amber Grace
Maelyn Oakheart
Ethan Black
Tadashii [Dashii] Ajiin
E. Royalblue
Ashley Malfoy
Tali [gone]
Alina Firegem
Adam Gabriel

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