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My rules for RP:
At least 3 lines. Long responses
Good grammar+detail
No ridiculous situations or unrealistic feats of power.
Make sure it makes sense in the world of the RP
-I won't reply unless your RP is those things.

Please do keep in mind I live in England, so am in the GMT timezone, which may result in late replies for many of you. Other than that, here's some stuff about my character!

Wand: Beech, Phoenix Feather Core, 11 3/4 Inches, Slightly unyielding. Beech favours those who are wise beyond their years, and who are open-minded, I appreciate how my wand adapts to me and vice versa, is aware of my strengths and my weaknesses, allowing me to progress and improve the areas of magical I excel in and my preferences, compensating for my weaknesses effectively. The versatility of the core helps this, allowing my magic to be adaptable. The wand understands the needs of myself and the moment, making it perform exceptionally well for me. Basically, I'm saying that I and my wand adapt to one and other, it may not have any inherent strengths or weaknesses, but the fact it knows me and my magical style makes it a very faithful, helpful and powerful ally. The length shows my confidence to be myself and my beliefs while leaving room for change, improvement and shifting views. The flexibility shows my willingness to change in situations, but not without valid reason in my mind, showing my tendency to hold fast to my beliefs and purpose, but not if there are better options.

Other items:
-Silver Dagger (For biting nasties)
-Dual goblin forged batons
-Vials of Wiggenweld
-Jacket, which has magically extended pockets w/spares

Broom: Cleansweep 11

(PLEASE NOTE: The subjects below have no correlation with the in-site system where you can take online Hogwarts Courses. They're purely for my character)

Elective subjects are taken at the Third Year: Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes

O.W.L Grades:
Astronomy: A
Charms: O
Defence Against the Dark Arts: O
Herbology: A
History of Magic: A
Potions: EE
Transfiguration: EE
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Ancient Runes EE

N.E.W.T Grades:
Charms: O
Defence Against the Dark Arts: O
Potions: A
Transfiguration: EE
Care of Magical Creatures: A

Extra Curricular Classes: Magical Theory

Other items: Disposable Wands, Goblin Forged Twin Batons, a shortsword, a range of magical items inside a magically extended coat pocket.

Age: 26

Pet: Barnabas the Barn Owl, who I met in my third year, he had broken his wing, having taken pity on him and being experienced in Care of Magical Creatures, I nursed him back to health best I could, the Professor doing the difficult parts, and we were friends ever since. He has not left my side and is, rather sweetly in awe of me. I am grateful to have such a useful, friendly and loyal companion.

Patronus: Wolf

Boggart: Me, all alone

Magical Alignment: Good

Signature Canon Spell: Carpe Retractum

My Invented Spells: See my page for fan-made spells and full descriptions.

-Lightning Wrath
-Disassembling Charm
-Exploding Trap Hex
-Sustained Fire
-The Pain Easer

Can I Apparate? Yes
Do I have an Animagus? No

Hobbies: Duelling, Flying, Quidditch, Reading, Writing, Potions, Experimenting

Favourite dueling spells:
-Carpe Retractum
-Trip Jinx
-Petrificus Totalus

>Blue eyes
>Light brown hair
>Muscular build, triangular body type
>Some moles and freckles on my face
>Usually wearing fitted clothes, shirts, smartish trousers, or jeans, have a beloved black jacket, but will wear jumpers and zip-ups as well as leather. Boots, or dress shoes, as well as ties, scarves and cravats, are also in my wardrobe.

I am, as a rule, friendly and approachable, although I do take a while to warm to new people and vice versa due to my sarcastic nature which takes some getting used to. I am loyal, almost fiercely so to those I care about, however, my loyalty is driven by judgment, if they do something I disagree with, it can falter, but does not do so easily. As an Auror, I have a very strong sense of right and wrong and will stay true to my beliefs, which can lead me to be a little quick to judge, sometimes needing to take a step back to consider the other side of the argument which has to lead to me being more open-minded. However how I hold fast to my beliefs sometimes means the restrictions of the law in my job get frustrating, leading to me to be tempted to exact my own form of justice. Which leads me to something which has been bothering me recently... I seem to have a growing feeling of hot anger, and darkness inside of me, meaning sometimes I lose control and do something unneeded... I have killed adversaries on occasions. Although I am proud to say never with Unforgivable Curses, I shall never use one of those.. Ever. It has been bothering me and I've kept it from those around me, I seem to keep it under control, it's very difficult to explain, and is always worrying me.... anyway, moving on. I am something of an adrenaline junkie, I can get too swept up in the adventure and lose sight of other things or problems, leading me to be too focused on one thing, which is something I need to put in my cross-hairs if I want to continue breathing I suppose. I embody a very Hufflepuff quality of being humble, at all times, I do not boast, I merely do what is right.

Skills as a result of training and a career as an Auror:
~Athletic physique
~Resistant to pain and torture
~Expert duelist
~Good flyer
~Battle strategist
~Good sense of when something is wrong (although this is more my own intuition)
(Average potioneer and transifgurist but my interests lie elsewhere)

Time at Hogwarts:

Having come from a family of wizards, I was excited to receive my Hogwarts letter, and when it came, as expected I was overjoyed. Having made friends on the Hogwarts express when it came to my turn to be sorted, I was a Hatstall! The hat was torn between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, I chose to be in Hufflepuff, I respected their egalitarian nature and I felt that was where I belonged. My favourite classes were Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration, all of which help in my field of work as an Auror. My time was full of romance, angst when I got my first spot. The Herbology professor always seemed to dislike me, giving me particular large mandrakes or tiresome Snargalaff pods to deal with, I never worked out why. I remember once he docked points from me for coughing... I do miss the place, the practicing spells unnoticed, going over notes by wandlight and joining the Quidditch team. I made a fair Beater to be fair, but as everyone knew my strength was in Duelling, always had been. I am the proud owner of three Duelling Champion trophies for three consecutive years. While I was a bit of a pain the ass for teachers and students alike with my friend's pranks and tomfoolery, I pulled my socks up when it counted, working extremely hard for my exams and coming out with pretty decent grades I might add. I was there when Voldemort attacked... It took some courage but I stayed, fighting off the Death Eaters as best I could, it was then that I realised I wanted to do good in the world, to bring justice to the wizarding world, and having woken up for half a month in a coma as a result of the battle; which I still bare many scars from; I signed up to be an Auror on the first chance I got. I lost a great many friends in that battle, their last words etched onto my memory accompanied with the final time I saw their face... I still relive the battle to this day, swearing vengeance on the denizens of our world.

Post Hogwarts Background:

The Auror training was intense, but I made it through, by the skin of my teeth, my abilities having been improved greatly both physically, magically and mentally. The job demands discipline, dedication, bravery, and practice.. A lot of practice.. You all know what being an Auror entails, I'm asked to investigate crimes, apprehend dark wizards or fight in skirmishes or larger scale battles, whenever I get to bring a dark wizard in, I am filled with a sense of pride, like I've done something right for the Wizarding community, and avenged my fallen comrades in some small way. However, sleep is hard to come by, and there's no escaping the ties of paperwork. The area of magic I am fascinated with is how are warps and affects the world around us, the diversity of it, how once you learn to not be restricted by incantations and wand movements, magic is truly wonderful and has endless possibilities. I like to use magic to help the wizarding community but also use it for my own enjoyment and benefits. My family, the Lloyds are mostly pure-blood which hasn't affected the way I was raised and I view everyone as the same regardless of blood status, we are friendly, accepting people, with a tradition of raising magical creatures, so I've always lived among weird and wonderful animals. However we don't speak to my mother's side of the family, they are very much pure-blood extremist and consider it a gross insult that she married into the Lloyds. I seem to remember a tale of a fight between her side of the family, the Avery's and ours, but that was before my time.

History, experiences, traumas:

It's safe to say I've dealt with many situations I'd never dreamed of being in... Vampires, Werewolves, of course, other Dark Wizards, ghouls dragons and even Hinkypunks just to name a few. I've been captured and defeated more than once, and I find it amazing how I'm still alive. The job does have a bloody side to it. I've seen friends killed right in front of me. I won't go into the gruesome details about what some wizard cults do for information. But I never broke. despite my emotional longing to save their lives. I have too many scars to count, anything from explosions, stabbing, and magical injuries make my body look like a craggy rock face, I wear each with pride, each representing a time I escaped with my life, and brought someone to justice. Each tells a story. I'm still haunted by the screams of those who I've seen die, or have lost.. literally, they disappeared.. which plagues my dreams making sleep a precious luxury. But when I get into the flow of adventure, all that washes away, and I can't help but smile. I cannot stay still for very long, I have to be doing something, anything, I am not a passive person, but an active extrovert, willing to act whenever necessary.

My thoughts and skill on magic:

I have always had a natural skill with dueling and martial magic, preferring my spells to flow in an almost artistic way. Transfiguration is another area where I excel, although requires more practice and focus than other forms. Potions were never my favorite, but I needed it to be an Auror and luckily got the grades, Care of Magical Creatures has always fascinated me and I love seeing the many forms of magical life there are.

Aetherfall: A Steampunk Powers Roleplay set in Victorian London, please join: Find more information in these links:

Character Page:

Roleplay Page:

This is my main character but others I have used include:

-Jacob, a Superlative in Aetherfall
-Bounty Hunter who prefers weapons
-Magical Assassin
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