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Christopher Greyback 



Alexander DeColleto


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September 2nd







F: Gabe Greyback


M: Katherine Purdessy


S: Katherine Greyback


S: Aria DeColleto


B: Jake Greyback





♣️Our Birth♣️

My father's name was Gabe Greyback and My mother's name was Katherine Greyback. My mother was a witch and my father was a werewolf. My father was the second of three sons: 1st Fenrir Greyback, 2nd Gabe Greyback, and 3rd William Greyback. My mother's maiden name was Purdessy. Her coven was very strict and in those days, Wizards and Mythical Humanoids were forbidden, especially by her family. But by now you know, she fell in love with my father, Gabe. When their families found out, my mother was already pregnant with us (My sister and I). My grandfather, Jason Greyback (My father's father) wanted us to be dead. My grandfather is the Alpha of the Greyback pack. The next alpha is supposed to be the firstborn of his Children (His first grandchild). He couldn't stand the betrayal and he also couldn't allow his pack to be led by a Wizard. My Grandmother, Christine Purdessy (My mother's mother) was heartbroken when her daughter fled with her lover. She had her Witches put a Powerful spell on us (Kat and I).

♣️Our Curses♣️

The curse was simple for witches of their tier but powerful. She separated our hearts and minds, she pulled all of the emotions from me and gave it to my sister. I would see it as a blessing but the inability to feel for others makes it difficult to live a full life, or so I’ve read. My sister acts on impulses, for someone so empathetic with overflowing energy and emotions, it must be a bitch to control. She falls in love easily and doesn’t take rejection lightly, among all other things.
Since we now each half of a whole, we share our lycanthrope abilities i.e. turning on full moons. If I turn this moon then my sister will turn the next, then me again… that’s how the story goes.

After a year passed our family was blessed with another baby, Max. We never kept residence, we were always running. I guess you could say I never had a good childhood. My sister never played house, she has never touched a doll in her life. My brother was/is spoiled. 

♣️Death of Parents♣️

My father died protecting my mother, I was about 7, all I remember was hugging my brother under the bed and hearing screams. My sister peeped the whole time. She saw him fall to the ground and she ran to him and laid in his arms. I love my sister, she is very strong. She didn't even cry, she sang him a song. She was always daddy's little girl. My mother disappeared for three days after his death. My sister wasn't very fond of my mother. Katniss dressed him herself. I had to keep my brother locked in a room. He didn't really understand what was happening. We wrapped his corpse and when we were moving it to the hole my brother was sitting there staring at us. ..... When my mother came back, she didn't even speak to us. We had to keep moving. My sister and I snuck our brother out of the house and ran away. We never looked back. I knew mother was on the edge, I saw her sitting in his chair with a rope. I knew what was going to happen. We never really had a tough time.... and we don’t talk about it anymore.


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Jake Greyback ♤

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