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Cassie Zabini, that perfect lil human who I love <3. Hunter, the smol bean child claimed as my brother. The rest of my OG's, y'all know who you are

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Name: Magnus
Age: 16
Hair/Eyes: Blond, bluey-grey
Birthday: 14th March 2002
Siblings: Hunter-14(also on here), Saffron-17
Hobbies: Rugby, handball, football, basketball, skateboarding, fire starting (I'm a pyromaniac)
Favourite part about myself: Eyes
Nationality: British
What I want to be when I'm older: Rugby player
Prized Possession: My Razer Blade laptop, or my Beats. And any of my sports trophies and equipment.

ThisCrush: http://www.thiscrush.com/~logangriffen-hih

Name: Logan Griffen
House: Gryffindor
Favourite Colour: Black
Patronus: Wolf
Parents: Amanda Griffen (magic), real dad unknown, John Griffen (step-dad, magic).
Hobbies: Flying, quidditch and muggle football (soccer).
Siblings: Tyler Griffen (18, soldier), Isaac Griffen (17, quidditch player).
Height: 6 foot
Build: muscular
Hair: black
Eyes: Left green, right grey: heterochromia.
Relationship Status: Taken by the best girl ever, Cassandra Zabini <3

Logan comes from a pure-blood family, related to the Lestranges and the Malfoys. He never knew his real father, as he left when Logan was a baby and never returned. Logan found out he was magic when he was five, after he blew up a glass of water in a therapy session (he went to therapy, and still does, because of multiple behaviour problems and anger issues).

Logan went to his first quidditch practice aged six. He'd bought all the gear, even buying the most popular broom at the time. They got the money from a law suit after a supposedly trained Dragon attacked Amanda Griffen in Romania on a tour. As soon as he started flying, his coaches knew that he had talent. He easily beat the other children, and played for the local team, Harold Wood Horntails. Eventually, he was scouted by Falmouth Falcons during a match against Somerset Storms, where he caught the Snitch within minutes of the game starting. He's been flying with the Falcons ever since, and even received a Firebolt Supreme for his tenth birthday.

When Logan first received his letter, him and his mother were thrilled. She rushed about the house, picking up his broom and other things, telling him that they had to go to a place called 'Diagon Alley'. As Logan was getting his robes, his mother bought him a giant eagle owl, which was a well done present. He called it Falcon after his team, and before he knew it, he was whisked off to Hogwarts. He now enjoys his daily life as a student, but deeply misses his family and friends back home.

Logan can be found by the lake, hanging around with his girlfriend or asleep.


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