Haunted Hunter and OCs

Student Ghost

I love to RP, which is why I have so many OCs. I live in the USA and am a nice guy (I hope).

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Haunted: aka, Jack. A student ghost at Hogwarts. Killed by Voldemort, and has been there ever since. ????????: An unnamed ghost who mostly lives in the Muggle world, causing trouble. His favorite hobbies are: Crashing parties, interrupting special events, and being a complete pain. Cal Markman: A Werewolf, who, always winds up working for the wrong people. Never get in his way, though, Werewolves are strong. The Boss: A sinister villain who is very mysterious. No one has a clue about his name. Weak himself, the man can summon an entire army of lackeys. Mr. J: A bartender in Diagon alley. Knows many Hogwarts secrets, just refuses to share. Guard no. 34: A lackey for The Boss. His name is unknown to most, even though he is a main component to The Boss's plans. Henry Johnson: I don't think "detective" is the right word for this guy. He calls himself one, but hardly gets work done. He mostly just spends his days in the Grand Jewel Casino.


Hello! If you wanted to know more about me (the real me), then I can share some! First of all, I love theme parks. Love them. They are my soul. My favorite is Universal Studios Orlando, where I have been five times. If you haven't been, you should TOTALLY go. And yes, they do have Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Last time I went, I had a Butterbeer in The Leaky Cauldron. So fun. I am also bisexual (bi pride), and 13 years old and in middle school. My favorite video games are Cuphead, Roblox (MrBamKablam), the ORIGINAL Mike Tyson's Punch Out, and Donkey Kong 64. You should totally listen to Jungle Japes from DK64 btw. And yeah I guess that's it so bye!


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