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Here some stuff *dont mess with me *dont mess with my studies *dont even try to flirt *feel free to owl me Wanna know more read my backstory Goodbye~

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Name: Michi
Last Name: Lupin
Dad: Remus Lupin
Mom:milly lupin
siblings: yes
brother: never saw him but I got some info on him from my dad
sister: none
blood status: mix blood
mix blood status: half witch half werewolf/meif'wa
friend:Skylar Granger,Emmaline Vero
best friend:pansy,
RS status:engage
personality smart, kind, mean at times, self aware, helpful, brave,
hair:long stright
hair color:purple
Eye color: green (wears contacts to see so eyes may look golden yellow)
Wand:10¾", vine, dragon heartstring
Sexuality:..........why do u need to know bitch.
Clothes:purple short shirt,black hoodie,shorts,sneakers
Hair style:hair is always down,rarely put it up

More info:
*carrys her knife and wand with her at all times
*gets bullied because shes a mix blood
*mom died because of u know who
*keeps a picture of her mom when she was younger
*doesnt show emotions easily just angier
*doesnt get flusterd easily
*cares about her friends
*can and loves to sing to herself to keep calm
*can speak spansih,russian,ukrian,and english duh
*get into a fight with me,you'll regret it
*I can hide my ears and tail

Me and my dad were the only ones to survive when....ill just call him "V"(you know who) attacked my family..my mom...risked her life to save me and my dad but i was very little so i didnt understand but my dad told me the story...he said all of that and explained what my mother is and gave me a picture of her and him she was very pretty she had

My moms info:
*dark purple hair
*light green eyes
*black meif'wa ears and tail
*really beautiful skin
I mostly took after my mom but i did take some parts of my dad "Remus Lupin i took some of his werewolf side so what i look like is (just little details)

My brother info I got from my dad:
name: Teddy Lupin
*blue hair
*light green eyes
*in a relationship with victoire weasley
*half werewolf/half wizard
*he can hide his ears and tail
more info on me:
*light purple
*dark green eyes*but i wear contacts so i can see so my eyes my look golden yellow)
*i took my mom skin color
*meif'wa ears
*wolf tail
*and took some of my mom badass

Sukyria levin
(other rp character)
*pure blood
*purple hair
*pink eyes
*always wears her robes except when out of school

Ein Levin
*grey eyes
*dark blue hair
*wears anything he wants but weard his robes in school

blue hair
green eyes
have siblings
michi best friend
same age as michi

RP rules(when u rp for me)
*just owl me if u wabt to rp
*do whatever u want
*do what u really do in rp
*just have fun
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