Lilith Shyla Malfoy Black


I will not apologize for evolving past your comfort zone

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  • 2nd Year
  • Estonia


Nicknames: Lily, Li, Syl
Eye colour: Blue or Brown (It changes from time to time)
Hair colour: Black
Status: Pureblood
Birthdate: 17.02.

Wand Length: 11.5 inches
Wand Flexibility: brittle
Wand Wood: ebony
Wand Core: thestral tail hair

I'm Lilith Shyla Malfoy Black, a pureblood Slytherin (as if anyone else but purebloods could truly be a Slytherin), born on February the 17th.
I'm the only child of Lord Malfoy and Lady Black. I was mostly raised in Malfoy Manor, but occasionally i was taken to Grimmauld Place a few times by my mother. Later on i preferred to stay in the manor. I didn't quite get along with my mothers relatives. If my cousins happened to get hurt, well....good luck trying to prove it was me.
Growing up i held myself in solitude and learned to see the ugliness in humans. After that i kept my socialization with people to a minimum and preferred animals.
I grew my animal family and even befriended a small owl that i named Marygold, who now accompanied me everywhere. Shes there while reading, writing and experimenting with potions. She doesn't much like the fumes from the potions yet she still stays by my side. Stubborn little thing.
The only person i might actually consider a friend is Pandora. Pandora with no last name, yet a pureblood of considerable wealth....and a total cold-hearted bitch.
We first met in Dark Arts, when we had to face a boggart. We were paired up. There were a lot of rumors around about her and as i observed her, i saw why. She seemed to be more animalistic than human. I already liked her.
The next time we met we were both in the Slytherin inner house Politics class. That's where we agreed to be allies, maybe even friends.
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