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» Faceclaim∙Lucky Blue Smith «

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Name——— Fuck you
Age——— Fuck you
Birthday——— Fuck you
House——— Fuck you
Wand——— Fuck you

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» Friends


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✦ T H E P L A T I N U M T R I O ✦

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★F U C K O F F★

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- Some quotes.... -

“I'm friends with Draco alright. Dudes a bloody wanker but he's chill. Greatest guy here”

- Brooke [Im pretty sure we all know she loves to say this a lot)

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“Drachoe” - BLAISE (Whenever I’m not around)
“Draquesha” - BLAISE (It all started because of a hilarious meme)
“Dwaco” - Brooke
“Dracey” - PANSY
“Drakieee” - Kayla

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Here are some random things to clear your mind from life...cause it just fucking sucks…

~~ Credits to Pansy for re-decorating ~~

☞ Some very important Roleplaying rules ☜

- No one liners unless I do one liners
- Good grammar
- No asterisks
- No spam
- The only sister I got is Brooke

☟Some very important stuff I have to say☟

[An Annoying person] I heard somewhere that Tom Felton had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe during the movies. Don't remember how reliable the source is, but STILL.
Like • Dec. 31, 2018, 4:30 a.m.

♚ DRACO ♚ That is not true, what is true is that they both liked to fool around with each other. Also if you want to start talking about the actors of the Harry Potter movies Tom Felton dated Jade Gordon who in fact- Played as Draco Malloy’s wife, Astoria Greengrass.
Like • Dec. 31, 2018, 1:02 p.m.

♚ DRACO ♚ I also have to say that Drarry is another utterly stupid ship in my opinion. My simple reasons is because: They have always shown hate for each other, yes, they both showed a level of mercy but that’s because Draco and Harry had their certain limits. And it is true that Draco Malfoy was jealous of Harry but that doesn’t mean that he had a crush on him, Also just to add on to this conversation J.K Rowling believes that Draco Malfoy shouldn’t have fangirls and even though im role playing as him I agree because as she portrays in the books— Draco is supposed to be an annoying rich bully.
Like • Dec. 31, 2018, 1:13 p.m.

✦Muggle Roleplay information✦

Name: Draco Leblanc
Age: Depends on the roleplay

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