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Alastair is the son of Severus Snape and Lily Evans. He, being infatuated with the ginger woman, requested to meet her and poisoned her with a highly potent Love Potion; Amortentia. Conceiving in secrecy from James, three months premature, on December 23rd, 1980. Sent away immediately after birth, Severus sent away the newborn to a distant cousin, Moralis Prince took him in and raised Alastair to be kinder than Snape, although that changed with Snape’s intervention in 1988, where Moralis died of ‘natural causes’ at age 53. Whisking the eight year old to Hogwarts, where he worked as a Potions Professor under the control of Dumbledore. Alastair was trained to clean the Slytherin Common Room and Potions classroom on a daily basis, meeting many students along the way. Once he hit age 11, he was sorted into Ravenclaw and resorted into Slytherin by Dumbledore’s intervention in 1992, his second year. In his first year, Alastair noticed the similarities between him and “Precious Potter” and dug further, subsequently taking his last name in addition to “Snape” to honour his mother. Currently, in his fifth year; Alastair chose to wear Gothic Lolita fashion in the acceptance that he was FtM. Transitioning was hard, but using common spells, he mangled his body, and swore to find a safer way for magical children to transition. The school years passed with an emptiness as their half-brother was always in trouble with the law or with the Dark Lord. During the Second Wizarding War, Alastair stood back to back with another student, Letha Couture, jinxing, cursing and hexing any dark wizard in sight. Later during the war, Alastair was mangled by Fenrir Greyback, ripping his claws and teeth into anything close. Around 198 scars were left on his torso and legs alone, but it could have been worse. At age 31, in 2011, Alastair traveled back and forth between America, Britain, and Scotland to study potions and the changing of physical sex with Transfiguration. Meeting with three wizards in America, Roland Targaryen, Kira Hawthorn, and Val Slytherin, and forming the “Estrogen Potion” and the “Testosterone Potion” Releasing all finished potions in late 2011, the men and women were deemed “The founders of the four ways of Gender Transfiguration and Modification." It was still a homophobic time, though McGonagall and Letha still supported the group. Alastair, Val, Kira, and Roland now live in their own separate lives, doing as they wish, beyond the thing that made the four famous. Alastair became a COMC teacher, then moving to Potions due the Headmistresses’ persuasion. After a few years, in 2018, they moved to making a library in Hogsmeade, an archive of the Wizarding World from the founding of Hogwarts to present day. There is now a specific section on the Mauraders, Golden Trio, and Silver Trio.

Looks: Alastair’s face shape is softly defined, thin, but still oval-like. His skin is akin to a porcelain colour and look, smooth and nearly inhuman. Black ragged hair that hung over his eyes in little locks, that seemed to be softly gelled. (best represented in outfit 1) His arms and legs are a bit short due to their height being near 5 foot 2 at age 14, but he was thin and lanky, bony, but not too much. His body has rare scars, until adulthood where there are far too many to count. His body is conventionally masculine, but mainly androgynous, with a flat chest,and everything, but his eyes are round, and almond like. Al's eyes are grey, but he will wear red, gold, green, silver and black contacts depending on the outfit and day. The images below are only focused on the outfit, nothing more.

The potion instructions are in the link below (Give me a follow if you'd like)

House: Slytherin.
Year: Year 5
Wand: Alder wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility.
Patronus: Black Cat
Amortentia scent: Fresh Snow with a faint Green Apple undertone.
Mirror of Erised: A floating pillow to fly on that they control with their mind.
Boggart: Being stared at.
(Unregistered) Animagus form: Black Cat, Bright Green Irises, and greyish paws.
Gender: Male
Blood: Pureblood
Race: British?
Birthday: December 23rd.
Horoscope: Capricorn

ROLEPLAY RULES: (Heavily enforced)

-Write a decent paragraph or two (4 or more sentences)
-Decent storyline progression
-Good Spelling
-Good Grammar
-Good Punctuation
-Good Capitalization
-Keep the plot going
-Decent setting descriptions
-Don't God-Mode

People/Characters I won't roleplay with:
-Characters who are canon in the HP series (Exceptions apply if you can get a good plot line going with the RP rules listed above) {People who play as Harry, Ron, Severus, etc}
-People who make the Rp way too fucking dark/demented (Death Eaters and murderers who don't have a good character progression)
-Characters who just say "Draco's sister" or something that boring.
-For god's sake, just have more detail so I can get a good idea on what to reply with.

R 0 L E P L A Y 0 U T F 1 T S

N 0 R M A L S C H 0 0 L 0 U T F 1 T S

0 N E

N 0 N H A R R Y P 0 T T E R R E L A T E D N A M E :

A l a s t a i r S e a n A m a r y l l i s
0 T H E R H 0 G W A R T S R E L A T E D 0 R N 0 R M A L R P 0 U T F 1 T S

0 N E

T W 0



F 1 V E

S 1 X


E 1 G H T

N 1 N E


A N 1 M A G U S F 0 R M



Name: Kohaku AKA "Haku"
Gender: Male
Age: Two years old - Eight years old. Died on November 16th 1999.

Backstory: Alastair found Kohaku on the floor of the Slytherin Common Room, where he was slithering his way out of a torn up pillow. Thinking Kohaku was someone elses, Alastair picked up the snake and wandered the castle- asking everyone to see if the owner of him was around. Sadly- no one took Haku in, so Alastair emptied his trunk out, and made him a little home, renaming him "Kohaku" for his Amber Black shading. Professor Snape is still oblivious to the fact they have a -presumably- non-magical pet, so Alastair has to sneak around the castle a few times a day to let Haku wander and play. He died due to being released in the wild after Hagrid was told to care for him. Out of accidental negligence, Haku got released, and was fatally rampaged by a hoarde of Centaurs in the Forbidden Forest. His grave now lies in Hagrid's pumpkin Patch with a small pumpkin lying on his grave every harvesting season.
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