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Hello everyone! I'm a genderfluid person and an edgememe lord. (It is a thing). Feel free to owl me or post here on my page if you want to rp!

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Kei's Backstory and stuff

Name: Kei Lee
House: Gryffindor
Eye color: Grayish Blue
Hair color: Purple
Piercings: Snake bites and gauges
Favorite Song: The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty by Panic at the Disco
Outfit 1) He wears a flannel with a tie-dye shirt and grey pants with some black shoes
Outfit 2) A grey sleeveless hoodie and blue jeans with some grey shoes
Outfit 2) A tuxedo with a red bow tie
Siblings: William (My other rp character)

Kei grew up on the streets even though his family was well known. He wasn't abused or neglected or anything, the posh lifestyle just wasn't for him. Even though Kei is a Gryffindor unlike his brother whom is a ravenclaw. Kei is always trying to help his younger brother get out of his comfort zone while trying to protect him. Kei loves adventure and climbing.

William's Backstory and stuff

Name: William (Will) Lee
House: Ravenclaw
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark brown
Siblings: Kei (My other rp character)
Piercings: None
Favorite Song: This is Gospel by Panic at the Disco
Outfit 1) A tuxedo with a blue bow tie
Outfit 2) A sweater and some black jeans with some black shoes
Outfit 3) A grey sleeveless hoodie with some grey shorts and black shoes

Unlike his brother who is only two months older then him, William is the calm one of the two. William enjoys to hang out with his older brother and acts like a support system for him. The same goes for Kei. William is supposed to run the company with Kei but acts like more heir to it then Kei does.

Raven's backstory and stuff

Name: Raven Detunre
House: Slytherin
Eye color: Really dark brown almost to the point of black
Hair color: Jet black
Siblings: None
Favorite song: Just like you by Falling in Reverse
Piercings: Eyebrow and lip
Outfit 1. A black dress with a beanie
Outfit 2. A black flannel with grey jeans and black sneakers

Raven was a girl born into a wealthy family. When she was five, she met Kei and Will whom became like her brothers like she never had. Kei and her both got into trouble a lot and dragged Will into the mayhem with them. Raven is a care free Slytherin. She will protect her brothers no matter what it takes.

Rp rules and stuff
1) If you have a romantic rp with one of the brothers or Raven. Don't expect it to be permanent (Rule has some exceptions)
2) Don't god-mod
3) I don't care if you don't use proper grammar because I make mistakes too

About me in RL ( You probably don't care)

1. I'm genderfluid
2. I'm an emo little potato
3. Umm.... I like video games, I guess.
4. I'm a Gryffinclaw or a Ravendor
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