Esther Leighton


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Name: Esther Leighton

Nickname: Feather (only by her family)

Parentage: muggle-born

Family: Mum and Dad and an older brother, Theodore.

Sexuality: Lesbian (GAY)

House: Hufflepuff

year: 5th year

Personality: clear-headed happy, friendly and optimistic,
a bookworm with a knack for knowing just how to cheer
people up and very clearly muggle-born.

likes: owls, books and poems, autumn, cool days
Transfiguration, history of magic, the library,
and sleepovers, her iPod, denim jacket.

Dislikes: Slytherins, being called mudblood, bullies, robes.

Pet: a grey female owl with a white face and
golden eyes called Avanti

Wand: Alder wood with a Unicorn core hair,
13 ½" and surprisingly swishy flexibility


Patronus: a swallow, The swallow is associated with love,
happiness, protection, and with summer. this Patronus is extremely

Looks: pale skin with a smattering of freckles. she has
curly black-brown hair and startling blue eyes.

Name: Lynnette Riada

Nickname: none (DON'T EVEN TRY IT)

Parentage: both her parents are wizards but they
are of mixed blood

Family: Mum and Dad

House: Gryffindor

year: 6th-year

sexuality: Pansexual.

Personality: on the outside, Lynnette is loud brash
and not afraid to use her physical strength to intimidate
anyone, she is decisive and tends to forget to think
decisions through. she seems hard-hearted but will
melt at the slightest compliment. very Irish.

likes: flying, potions, compliments, muggle clothes
that are
at least 50 years out of date banter and hitting
people who annoy her

Dislikes: people dallying on decisions, herbology,
and people who say they know stuff but don't.

Pet: grey horned owl, Maeve

Wand: Spruce wood, Dragon heartstring,
Rigid, 14 and one quarter inches


Patronus: Kingfisher, boldness in every aspect
certainly doesn’t exclude its vivid, striking
appearance. Filled with determination,
kingfishers are willing to do anything to get
what they deem necessary and in order to
achieve their dreams, even if it may not seem
like the best plan at the onset.

Looks: long vivid red hair, crystal blue eyes,
soft freckles, resting bitch face

Name: Rosalea Eirlys

Nickname: Lea (preferred over Rosalea any day)

Parentage: Muggleborn and doesn't care

Family: Mum and Dad and little sister (but if
asked will say none)

House: Gryffindor

year: 1st-year

Sexuality: questioning

Personality: bubbly and bright girl with a fierce
streak, terrible impulse control, and a love of
dares and pranks, who has gained a reputation
as someone who is always ready to try anything
and prefers the company of older students who
are terrible influences (she highly needs a good
mum friend)

likes: Coffee, pranks, dares, Firewiskey,
bad decisions and independence

Dislikes: fire, being told what to do


Wand: Spruce wood, Dragon heartstring,
Rigid, 14 and one quarter inches

boggart: herself but with strings coming
off her like a puppet and she is being
controlled by them

Patronus: a Pine Marten, you will
be defended fiercely when needed. the pine marten
is small, about the size of a house cat,
it is in the same family as the badger and wolverine,
and fighting comes naturally. They also have great

Looks: tan skin covered in freckles and scars. she has
extremely curly red hair and stormy-sea
grey eyes.

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