"i have to be successful because i like expensive things" - me

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Name: Cloey

Hair Color: Blonde and Brown

Eye color: Blue or Grey depending on the day

Age: 16 (can change for rp)

Relationship Status: ????

Blood Status: Pureblood

House: Slytherin

Body Type: Skinny and Athletic

Height: 5 ft 3 inches

Wand: Alder Wand with a unicorn core, 11inches, and unyielding flexibility

Patronus: Arctic Wolf

-Getting into trouble or making trouble
-Sports 100%
-Anything music
- I play guitar (acoustic and electric), drums, ukulele, piano, and band instrument, bass, and if you give me an instrument I will figure it out but I cant for the life of me sing
-Having fun

Personality: Outgoing; Troublemaker; Sarcastic; Smart; Funny; Chill; Honest; Energetic; Cares more about others

I am a Slytherin with amazing style but I am a tomboy unless it is a special event. I am the youngest out of 6 brothers and both my parents are pureblood. I am a queen and i love being right so even if you are wrong just say I'm right and ill shut up. People say I need to grow up and act like a lady but whats the fun in that :)

I dont put up with anyone crap and if I open up to that's good but if you dont answer me after I do I will most likely ignore you for the rest of my living days :)

Pretty chill person honestly
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