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Rules for roleplay:

  • I do semi-literate/literate rps, so no one liners please!

  • No line limit as long as you give me something to work with.

  • Tell me your rules before we start the rp, we want this to be an enjoyable experience for both (:

  • Don't control my character

  • I usually do fandom-related with some romance, but I can try something else if you'd like

  • If you'd like to see face claims of my characters just ask

  • I play with both ocs and cannon characters

Percy Jackson OCs:

⮞Josephine Adams:

★ Full Name: Josephine Elizabeth Adams

★ Pronouns: She/her/hers

★ Sexuality: Pansexual

★ Place of origin: Dublin, Ireland

★ Godly Parent: Calliope

★ Personality:

+ determined, hard-working, confident, smart, cunning, ingenious

= sarcastic, ambitious

- distant, cold, gets easily frustrated

★ Looks: curly brown, medium lenght hair; dark brown, almost black eyes; 5'5

★ Backstory: Josephine's father, Alexander Adams, came from a wealthy family. He grew up to become a famous writer of the century in the United Kingdom. He was really passionate and hard-working about his job, qualities that caught the muse Calliope's eye. Josephine grew up with everything a kid would ever wish for. The coolest toys, expensive clothes, and huge house just for herself.

Everything, but a caring family. Sure, her father loved her, but he travelled a lot, and he didn't pay much attention to her when he was working. And there wasn't a mother to look after her. It was no surprise she developed a sprinkle of revelry and mischief, mainly to get her dad's attention. Josephine started attending to a private boarding school in Ireland when she was pretty young.

Though she was the smartest kid of the class, she did all she could to piss off the teachers, hoping to get expelled one day. She always managed to get detention, pranking or outsmarting her superiors, but she never got expelled, mainly because if they got rid of Josephine, that meant saying bye bye to the yearly donations from the Alexander Adams.

From one day to the other, her whole life had changed. When she was twelve years old, her dad was on his way to the United States to give a lecture in some college in the U.S. There had been some sort of issue with the engine that ended up crashing the plane into the depths of the Atlantic. She had to move to Texas with one of his father's cousin's family, but that didn't end up so well. The uncle had other two daughters that seemed to have been born just to make Josephine's life a living hell, and their parents didn't even try to make her feel welcome.

One night, after a really boring dinner with some family friend Jo had never seen, she was finishing some schoolwork in her dorm. The woman she'd been just having dinner with had walked in the room and turned into some sort of vampire with red eyes and a copper leg. She started attacking her, throwing stuff and blowing the whole space up. Jo tried to hide, but the monster appeared everywhere in the house. When her uncle stormed into the living room to ask what on earth had happened, the monster just turned back into the 'families old friend'. The empousa made up a whole story about how Josephine had had a rage attack and started tearing stuff up. The family blamed her for everything, and Jo decided to just run away. Anywhere was better than that house, anyway.

She spent weeks wandering the streets of Austin all alone, sleeping under bridges and eating from the garbage. Monsters attacked her almost daily, and the worst part, she thought, was that she had no idea where did this creatures came from and how could people not notice them.

She met a of guy a few years older than her when she had an encounter with some sort of lion/bird/snake. He made his best to explain her everything he knew about the creatures and about this place that was safe for "people like them", and, since Jo didn't have anywhere else to go, she decided to accompany him. They were on the run for so many months, Jo wasn't really sure how long it had been.

When they arrived to Camp Half-Blood, they were exhausted and confused, but the campers helped them and Chiron tried his best make him feel home. Months later, the camp director informed her he had received a letter that her dad had written before he died. There, he explained everything about her mother and who she was. He had even added a short poem she'd once sent him. She told Chiron about her parentage, and he considered about sending her to the roman camp, but she refused.

She'd finally found a home in Camp Half-Blood. She was not getting away just because there wasn't a cabin for her mother in there. So she started staying in cabin 7, with the children of Apollo. They made her feel part, even though they weren't from the same parent, they treated her like another sister.

★ Extras: she's a poetry nerd carries to small knifes with her all the time

★ Status: Single


⮞Timothy Whitney:

Pronouns: he/him/his/they/them/theirs

Sexuality: Homosexual (closetted)

Place of origin: Phoenix, Arizona

Godly Parent: Apollo 

Good traits: trustable, smart, cunning, thinks out of the box, romantic.

Bad traits: resentful, jealous. Looks: black straigh hair, stormy blue eyes, 5'6

Backstory: (in progress)

Extras: Loves writing poetry. His library is full of Edgard Alan Poe, Emily Dickinson, and Allen Ginsberg. Writes songs and Austin Lake (his sib) sings them.

Status: Single


Hogwarts OC:

⮞Andrew Stewarts

  • Genre: Male

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Blood status: Muggle-born

  • House: Slytherin

  • Favourite subject: Charms, Herbology

  • Good traits: trustable, loyal, determinated.

  • Bad traits: bad sense of humor, sometimes presumptuous.

  • Looks: hazel eyes, round glasses, messy caramel-colored hair, 5'6

  • Backstory: Andrew was born in New Jersey on February 17th to two muggle parents. His father was a doctor of the army, and his mother used to be part of the US navy. As Andrew was his first child, they were very loving and caring and didn't let work and family life mix up.

    When Andrew was around five, his family moved to a small house outside of London. He'd later understand the reason behind that decision had been that his mother was expecting another child, and they'd need help from Andrew's grandparents, who had been living in the UK for quite a while now, to take care of the children and go to work. He had his first outburst of magic when he was eight.

    One day, at school, he'd gotten hit by a softball ball during the PE class after his team won the game. It turned out that the captain of the other team had gotten angry at Andrew because he'd caught her shoot. Andrew was so angry, he wished the other child would trip over herself and break her nose in the act. And so it happened.

    Years later, a short and chubby lady would knock at the Stewarts's door and would break the news that the eldest child was a wizard and that he'd been accepted in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It took a few days to the family to precess it, since they were Christians and all; but they let Andrew go at the end because of how excited he was.

  • Extras: would beat you on a duel. Would crush on Hermione Granger easily. Finds everyone hot. Has a miniature mimbulus mimbletonia in his nightstand

  • Status: single

~I have a bunch lot of other ocs, but i'm just too lazy to put them all here~

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