Nairana Night

Student/ Shadow (Obscurial)

"The symbol Perthro glowed with a gentle gold light. My sign, he announced. My family’s sign." - Hearthstone, Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard

  • Joined July 2016
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 9 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


When Nairana got her letter She was exhilarated. She'd always loved the concept of Magic of any kind and was thrilled to find out it was real. When she got to school, she was still amazed by all the wonders the castle held. She was sorted in Slytherin, and a problem emerged because- she was a Muggle-Born. To add to that, she was also a shadow, otherwise known as an obscurial, But still, despite that, she found a great life at Hogwarts.

Enough her history,

"The symbol Perthro glowed with a gentle gold light.
My sign, he announced. My family’s sign."
- Hearthstone, Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard

General Characteristics

Name: Nairana Night
Appearance: Messy reddish-brown hair, eyebags 24/7, Hazel eyes
Other Names: "Rana"
Titles: Ms
Alternate Forms: She's an Obscurial, look it up.
Theme Song: 'Who We Are' By Imagine Dragons

Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: 9/7/2005
Birth Place: Oslo, Norway
Hometown: Nottingham, England

Primary Objective: Live a normal life
Secondary Objectives: Find a cure for her 'Condition' And change the Stigma

Secrets: The fact that she is an Obscurial
Quirks: She can appear seemingly from nowhere, and pop up in places she shouldn't be able to get to.

Mental Characteristics

Known Languages: English, Italian, Norwegian, Arabic (She's learning)
Lures: Beautiful Sights, art, music
Savvies: Painting, Ancient history, Swimming, Writing
Ineptities: Romance. People
Temperament: Melancholic
Hobbies: Painting, listening to music, playing w/ the Giant squid

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: She prefers to use logic before anything else
Spatial: She can create worlds with highly developed histories, clearly able to visualize ner anything
Linguistic: She doesn't talk much, but when she does it's explosive and highly descriptive
Bodily-Kinesthetic: She is very fluid in her movements, and can move very fast
Musical: She has an aptitude for music, and has composed a few songs. She adores listening to music and can play the piano.
Interpersonal: She can often read people's expressions, but she doesn't like interacting with strangers unless she initiates it
Intrapersonal: She's surprisingly aware of herself. But that's mostly because he obscurus is there.
Naturalistic: She analyses her natural surroundings all the time, and nearly always finds somewhere high up to sit.

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Morally Grey
Perception: Realistic

Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: Obscurus Transformation
Restrictions: She doesn't control it. An Obscurial may lose control when they reach their emotional and mental breaking point, releasing their Obscurus as an invisible (or nearly invisible) destructive wind. In extreme cases, they may physically transform into an Obscurus.


Equipment: She carries her school bag and her wand with her at all times
Wardrobe: She wears her school uniform, but outside Hogwarts, she enjoys wearing classic shirts and any sort of jacket

Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: She has learned to keep emotionally stable for long periods of time, however when she reaches her breaking point, it's just ugly.
Humor: She enjoys making puns. Her sense of humor is quite... Everywhere
Reputation: She doesn't have the best rep, which isn't helped by the fact she's a Slytherin muggleborn.


School: Hogwarts
Study Habits: She doesn't really have a study habit, she just studies as she feels like it.

Interpersonal Connections

Family: Both her parents are muggles, and she has a younger brother.
Friends: Scott O' Smitten, Simon Smith, Clark Roberts, Ela Whitewood, Eyvera Granger, Logan Griffen
Heroes: Luna Lovegood, Newt Scamander
Pets: A Pet Owl named Horus

Physical Characteristics

Nationality: British/Norwegian
Skin Color: Exceedingly pale
Hair Color: Dark Reddish Brown
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Eye Color: Hazel
Scars: Numerous. She hides them well

Romantic Characteristics

Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Significant Other: None


Anima: Talkative to herself, vivid, exited, and mysterious, creating worlds with a few words
Persona: Quiet, doesn't speak till spoken to, icy
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