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If you need any help with something/have any questions let me know! That's what prefects are for! :D

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Hello! I'm Broda, and I'm prefect of Ravenclaw house! I'm a half-blood - my mom's a witch, dad's a no-maj (I live in the U.S. but went to Hogwarts). He was a little annoyed when he found out that my mom is a witch, but he's was pretty okay with it. Some things to know about me: I am rather strict when it comes to rulebreaking and will not hesitate to remove points from my house. However, I highly encourage creativity and have a passion for learning. If you happen to come up with a creative loophole to the rule you are breaking, I may just let it slide. I also let the first years have a shot at trying to figure out the riddle to enter the common room before figuring it out myself, to show them that it's okay not to know the answer and to try to work it out together. I also love magical creatures very much, and I'm on the Magical Creatures Team, where we find stray creatures and help them get adopted. I'm very excited to be working with you all! Happy learning!
A few other things to know about me:
My Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent
My Wand: Beech wood Dragon Heartstring core 12 1/2 in. Reasonably Supple flexibility
My Patronus: Marsh Harrier
My Pets: Snowy Owl named Winter
Saphirre - stray. Species unknown
Baby Water Dragon named Glacier <3
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