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Hi! I am Gigs, a playful rainbow unicorn! Follow me so we can be friends and I'd love to learn more about you peeps! :)

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<font color="red">I was born into a muggle family with two muggle parents. When I turned 11, I received my Hogwarts letter and am currently in my first year at an amazing school for witchcraft and wizardry. When I arrived, I was sorted into Gryffindor for some reason... </font>

<font color="orange">Probs because I wanted to be in Gryffindor, not because I am actually a Gryffindor and exhibit Gryffindor traits. I am legit the biggest coward. Like I am afraid of birds! I should really be a Hufflepuff. Or a Ravenclaw. Just not Slytherin or Gryffindor. But meh. Gryffindor's a cool house. XD</font>

<font color="#F4FA58">This place is so diverse!!!! And I love meeting new people. Just... be who you are. Never change...
Unless you're a jerk. If so, change immediately.</font>

<font color="lightgreen">Here are some random facts about me!
1. I am in year 9
2. I am double jointed
3. I have 2 younger siblings. A brother and a sister.</font>

<font color="#00BFFF">Gender: Female
Star sign: Virgo
Hair: Butt length and black. Barbie doll hair.
Ivermorny house: Pukwudgie
Hybrid Hogwarts house: Gryffinpuff
Favourite HP book: The Goblet of Fire
Favourite HP movie: The Deathly Hallows part 2
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite words: Versimilitude, Infinetesimal, Picnic
Favourite drink: Necto
Favourite Youtubers: IISuperwomanII, Liza Koshy, Nigahiga, Thomas Sanders, ASAPScience, Ted-Ed
Favourite actress: Emma Watson
Favourite actor: Johnny Depp
Favourite colour: Rainbow (and don't debate that it's not a colour)
Favourite animal: Unicorn (and don't debate that they're not real)
Favourite movie: Sleepy Hollow
Favourite game: Candy Crush</font>

<font color="#D358F7">Things I like:
Food, Awesome people, My friends (Badger Hufflefuff, Sam Rose, Sienna Levy, Kitty, etc.), Rainbows, Diversity (otherwise imagine how boring life would be!), Harry Potter (duh.), YouTube (see above for favourite YouTubers), Happiness (literally the only thing worth fighting for), DISNEY, Um... Did I say food?
Things I hate:
Jerks. SHUT YOUR BLOODY MOUTH OK?! Also things like no food. And Stupid diseases like Cancer which just makes me so mad. Especially when people make jokes out of things like that. Like you, my friend, are. a. jerk. Pls refer to what I said before, and give yourself a wedgie. Oh, and bullies AND, sexist, racist, homophobic/transphobic idiots. If you're one of these people, lemme get this through your thick, self-aggrandising skull: WAKE UP BRAH! Don't make me slap some sense into you.

<font color="hotpink">So yeah...
That's it I guess!
Fairfarren my lovlies! Feel free to owl me and I follow back all my followers SO CLICK THE "FOLLOW GIGS KATHY" BUTTON!!!! Please.

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