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<center><big>╾┈✱ *:・゚✧ biological data</big>

<big>i - nomenclature. *</big>

birth name: valentine adora russo

nicknames: (most to least popular)
allie, val, tiny

alias: allie russo (preferred)

<big>ii - personal info. *</big>

gender: female

age: fifteen

nationality: portuguese-canadian

species: half-faerie, half-witch

birthplace: london, canada

place of residence: hogwarts school of
witchcraft and wizardry.

sexual orientation: pansexual

<big>iii - appearance. *</big>

eye: amber

hair: light brown with caramel strands

complexion: tan with peachy tones

height: five feet tall

weight: one hundred-ten

build: short stature with soft curves

other: freckles dusted on blushed cheeks
above full rosy lips

<big>iv - personality *</big>

positive traits: humble, kind, selfless,

negative traits: squeamish, shy, meek,

illnesses: social anxiety, depression

moral alignment: neutral good

<big>v - relationships. *</big>

mother: genevieve russo (faerie)

father: marcus russo (wizard)

siblings: julien and elodie

significant other: n/a

<big>☆ admin! | 2020 ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*</big>

-- t i m e z o n e

est! (:

-- s t y l e

type; book
word count; paragraph, at the least.
perspective; third person

-- p e n n a m e


-- n o t e s

( feel free to owl me anytime you'd like
to chat with me as a person! i'm totally
u to any kind of rp, but please be a human,
if you think the topic is a little iffy, run
it by me first! have a great day!
- val xx )

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