Rose Midnight

i'm wried, your point?

Thou smell of mountain goat. ~ Henry v

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Hi i'm Rose, Rose Midnight. my second name is Midnight because i was born at Midnight in a forest.........its hard to talk about........ my mouther was just about to give brith to me when my father went over to the window to get the glass of water he had left there for mum. when he looked down he saw a woman with a black dress and pale skin he knew who she was start away. Bellatrix Lestrange. he had had a felling that the death eaters might come for him but he hadn't told my mouther because he didn't want to worry her when she was so close to having me he told my mouther to stay where she was because he had to check if there was another blanket for her down stairs, she had no idea what was happening on till he ran back up and shouted ''come on! we need to get out of here!!'' my mouther was just about to give brith so she couldn't move fast but they managed to get out. they ran into the woods and turned around watching there house burn down bits of burning wood started flying off the blooding so they had to go deeper into the woodsthey didn't know, one very important detail, there was a were wolf that on each full moon came to this wood to get away from his family so he didn't hurt anyone. He didn't know that a family lived in the woods, hardly anyone did because my farther thought that if no-one knew that they lived there no one could tell the death eaters. that didn't really work though, if it had i would still have both my parents.
They ran through the forest as fast a my mother could but i needed to come out so she sat down by a tree, my father said he would go and get some water for her, he had seen a stream a few meters away.
My mother managed to get me out but she read a stick snap and was relived thinking it was my father but then she read a howl and at that moment i think she knew she was going to die or at least thats how it always feels at night when i have those night mares about that night.
my mouther ran, she called for my dad but he never came, after a mile she was to tried to run anymore, at this point i was balling my head off, i always wonder if i hadn't cried maybe the werewolf wouldn't have found us, but i did and i can't change that.
my mouther ran for around a mile but she was still tried from giving brith to me so she had to stop at the bottom of a tree to rest. she knew she couldn't rest for long so she climbed the tree she had been resting by. she found a hole in the tree and gently put me into it, she gave me a kiss , i still can remember hw that kiss felt if i close my eyes. the branch she had been standing on was to thin even for her slim frame and she.........she fell. all i herd was a howl but i still had that connection that baby have with there mouther, thats how i knew she was dead.
my father herd the howl and came running, he saw the blood and knew what happened, he fell to the forest ground and gave his own howl, thats when i started crying again, he jumped up and clipped the tree in seconds, when he found me he picked me out of that tree and ran, ran a fast as he could. he went to the town and bought a place to stay for the night, he didn't tell anyone what happened, he hasn't even told me and i'm 15 now, but i don't need him to tell me, sometimes i wish i could just forget it all, but i can't.
me and my father cried all of that terrible night.
my dad made a new house out in another forest, he made it exactly the same, he even took some of the burned wood
from the old house and put it in.
i live in the room that my mum lived in.

Rose midnight

<center>seven main characters
1 name: Rose
age: 16
looks: red wavy hair, bright green eyes, normally in school uniform
personality: loves books and study, her amigos is a deer with beautiful dapples on her back she is a light brown colour

*center name: shadow
looks: black hair with red at the bottom, stormy grey eyes, black clothes
personally: works for a secret magical group that save people that are..... well special i can't tell you any more because then you will know the secret! when you get to know her she is funny but she has a problem about appearing in a random persons bed room in the middle of the night and just watching them!
her animagus is a shadow dragon which is a dragon that looks like shadow but is solid, her dragon form has saved her many times

4 name: Bella
Age: 15
looks: long curly black hair green eyes , pale skin, normally wears black
Personality: nervos about what people think of her, loves her friends dearly but finds it really hard to find friends, she aways wish her mother was someone else.
lives in : Hogwarts but when its summer break she has to go and live with her mother who is........ Bellatrix
her animagus is a thristrel some of you may know what it is but if not read the 5th harry potter book

She loves crows

5 name: sliver streke
age: 19
looks: when i human form she has long sliver hair, sliver eyes that price into your soul, she walks very quietly, in her wolf form she has a slivery coat, black nose, long tail.
Personalty: clam but if she loses her temper...well lets just say you don't want to be near her! she is the Alfas daughter.
Live in: when she is a human she lives in a manor but when she is a wolf she lives with her pack in the forest.

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