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I’m new hello message me or post on my wall I love to rp

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<center>Welcome to my profile</center>

General ✦First Name✦ Jack ✦Middle Name✦ Son ✦Last Name✦ Malfoy ✦Nickname✦ Skelly ✦Gender✦ Male ✦Pronouns✦ He/Him ✦sexuality✦ bisexual female preference ✦Status✦ Single ✦Age✦ depends on role ✦Mental Age✦ either 0 or 100 [B][C]✦Date of Birth ✦ July 22 ✦Nationality ✦ Ohio, United States Appearance ✦Height ✦ 5’9 ✦Hair✦ Short and semi pointy brown color ✦Eye Colour✦ Brown ✦Build✦ A little heavy set with muscles ✦Scars✦ One above my left eye, a burn scar on my right arm and on my right leg ✦Skin Tone✦ White with slight tan ✦Usual Clothing✦ Black and green robes or mostly black pants and shirt Personality ✦Good Traits✦ Smart, reliable, cunning, loving ✦Bad Traits✦ Possessive, short tempered, clingy ✦Likes✦ food, pets, love, snakes, my house ✦Dislikes✦ gryffindor Family and Relationships ✦Siblings✦ Malfoy family ✦Girlfriend✦ None but looking ✦Pets✦ Black cat Chester ✦Best Friend✦ Draco Malfoy ✦Friends✦ Any member of slytherin house and maybe some hufflepuffs ✦Enemies✦ Gryffindor house Magic ✦Wand✦ Aspen Wood Phoenix feather core 12 1/2 inch unbending ✦Strengths✦ transfiguration, charms ✦Weakness✦ herbology, potions ✦Patronus✦ Mountain Hare Favorite Things ✦Colour✦ black ✦Food✦ Mac and cheese ✦Animal✦ wolf or snake ✦Place✦ three broomsticks ✦Sport✦ quidditch (plays keeper) ✦Season✦ winter ✦Music Genre✦ any ✦Time of Day✦ night Least Favourites Things ✦Colour✦ blue ✦Food✦ fish ✦Animal✦ lion ✦Place✦ Gryffindor common room ✦Sport✦ soccer ✦Season✦ spring ✦Time of Day✦ morning

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