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Hi, I'm Sky. Any pronouns work for me. I have a bio below if you would like to know more about me. I Paragraph/Multi Para roleplay. Feel free to owl.

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 336 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Willing to Roleplay with anyone.

Romance must be 18+ Out of Character NO Exceptions

Biographical Information

Given Name • Sky Wolf

Nicknames • N/A

Born • December 22nd
Nationality • Italian/American
Hometown • Sicily ,Italy (Born)
Current Residence • New York City (Raised)
Relationship Status • Single
Sexual Orientation • Pansexual
Pronouns • They/Them/She/He (No preference)




Family Members
- Vincenzo "The Don" Connor Wolf— Father {No-Maj}
-Nadia Juliet Wolf — Mother {Pure-Blood}
—Sister (Younger-Open Role)
—Brother (Younger-Open Role)
More siblings welcome

Supernatural Information

Status • Alive
Species • Wizard {Half-Blood}
Wand • Pine, Phoenix, 13 3/4, Pliant - This core is the rarest of the three, as it comes from an elegant yet detached creature which is seen as one of the most exotic in the wizarding world. Phoenix feather wands are capable of the greatest range of magic, although this means that sometimes they will act of their own accord. Wands with this expensive material as their core are the pickiest of all the cores in choosing the most suitable owner, and allegiance is often hard-won.


-Alone in the dark
-Protecting Friends
-Significant Other (When taken)

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Changes with mood
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye Color: Blue, with a few specks of green.
Tattoo(s): A little Dinosaur (little T-Rex for brother)(Behind right ear), Little bumble bee (For little sister)(behind left ear)
Scars: Right eyebrow, Left Knee, Right/Hand/Elbow (Car Accident, had twelve stitches in forehead/eyebrow, 16 across knee, 15 between right hand and elbow/arm in various places. The tanner s/he is the more the scars show.), Stomach Scar (Gallbladder & Appendix removed).


Sky style is very casual and laid back. He wears expensive designer clothes, but doesn't show much care for it. Sky wears them rumpled, and carelessly except for special occasions. They are shown to wear more casual clothes, as opposed to those around them. As Sky matures and learns to care more for how they look. Their favorite color is blue, as seen in his wardrobe, even when wearing robes at school. A running theme is how much Sky takes care in making sure their hair looks nice over how their clothes look.


Smoker/Drinker/Drug Use: No, Socially, Cannabis.
Past Usage: No Hard Drugs
Addiction(s): Caffeine, No sleep, Pain Pills(Past Use From Car Accident)
Physical Illnesses/ Disabilities: Muscle Spasms in right hand/arm and left foot/leg (Trouble writing and walks with cane on occasions aka their bad days)
Allergies: Penicillin, Morphine
Reaction(s) to Allergies: Morphine; Swelling of Face, Lips and throat+other extremities (hands+feet); Headache + Dizziness. Will lose consciousness and stop breathing. Might slip into a coma. Penicillin; Swelling of Face, Lips and throat+other extremities (hands+feet); Headache + Dizziness and break out in hives.



Sky Is a very warm and trusting person. They are kind and caring, especially to Their closest friends. They are charming, laid-back, funny, and friendly, and it has always been in their nature to look out for people. Sky is also known for having a moral compass compared to others. It has always been in their nature to try and please everyone especially in their family, but they later realized the wrong in trying to make everyone happy while they themselves is not. They are also not as interested in all the wealth and elitist ways of the hierarchy of the Italian world. They are not comfortable with the privileges that their family's money and status give them because they think they do not deserve it and that they only use it to control them. They are incredibly athletic and care for his family deeply. Sky is also honest, and is known for being a horrible liar.

Sky’s negative trait might be that they is a bit hyper-sexualized, even getting involved with women and men who are much younger or older than Sky is. This also makes them oblivious or naive to the other agendas or schemes that their lovers/ex-lovers might have. Because of this, their classmates labeled them as a "class whore." Even though Sky was faithful at all times. They are still what one would consider a good guy.

Personality in self and other: Honesty, Compassionate, Respectfulness, Accepts Responsibility, Good Sense of Humor, Loyal, Open-Minded, Generous,
Life Around Them: Traveling, Working (loves potions, charms,“hands-off-the-quill-work.”), Food, Warm Weather, True Friends, Being Spontaneous and trying new things.

Personality in others: Dramatics, Dishonesty,.
Life Around Them: Cheating,Muscle Spasms(embarrassed by them), Bad Vibes,Liars,When People blow things out of proportion.
Fears: Failing his family and not living up to their true potential


Lower Primary — St. Stephen's Boarding School

-Legacy (On father’s side) since the school was opened-

Currently Enrolled at Hogwarts (Legacy on mother’s side)(Started late due to accident)

Skills and Hobbies;

-Lacrosse- played lacrosse for St. Stephen's and he was a captain on the team until his accident. (No-Maj Schooling)
-Fencing - Only joined to "have a sword"(No-Maj Schooling)
-Mathletes - Smartest in class when it came to anything math related (included but not only geometry,trig,arithmetic, statistics, physics, etc.)(No-Maj Schooling)
-ASL - Sky needed an extra credit and ended up loving American Sign Language.

Favorite Foods: Home-Cooked Italian Cuisine (makes everything from scratch), Chicken, Grilled + Steamed Vegetables, Baking Italian Sweets (relaxing when having a bad spasm day) (Currently taking courses for Wizard Dishes)
Favorite Music: Andrea Bocelli, Country, Classic Rock, Oldies
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Places to Travel/Visit: Sicily, Italy - Amsterdam,London, The Netherlands - Sydney, Australia - All Over the USA
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