Brandon Thellis

Aspiring Chef

Here to change the world, one magical meal at a time.

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Since a lot of people have been complaining about the new character bio restrictions, I'd like to take a moment to demonstrate what all can be done with the new tools, without needing to know a single line of HTML.

  • Obsessed with cooking

  • Smol bean (5'3")

  • Brown hair, freckles, turquoise eyes

  • Very bubbly, often hyper, very friendly, always optimistic, very gay

  • Single

  • (Did I mention gay?)

  • From Dingle, Ireland Has a pet crup named 'Polliwog' and an owl named Athena

Character Bio: Even before I found out about magic, I always wanted to be a chef. Learning about magic has only increased my desire. Food has a magic all of its own, the magic of bringing people together to bond over flavors. I volunteer with Feeding Diagon Alley during the summer, ensuring those less fortunate than I never go hungry. When I'm not baking, I'm probably studying arithmancy, getting lost in the library, or failing horribly at wizard chess in the common room.

  • Real Name (Brandon is the RP character): Get to know Brandon well enough, he might tell you my real name!

  • 28 years old

  • Obsessed with making (woodworking, 3d printing, papercraft, etc.)

  • Prominent messy hair, thick eyebrows, terrible singing voice, very self-conscious about my body

  • Californian Very gay, very single

We (Brandon and Mr. Author) prefer romance RPs, and are happy to do 18+ RPs, but you MUST actually be 18 or older. Also, since this website seems to crash randomly, Brandon is also available to chat / RP on Discord. Our username is misterauthor#2594

Know HTML? You can still do tons of fancy things!

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