hi, i'm Antares, i'm fond of dark arts. but don't think i am evil or sothing like that, i'm just interested in hope to be your friends soon.

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I come from a pure-blood wizard family. It was once a symbol of fame, power and wealth. During Voldemort's rise, almost all the people in our family turned to Voldemort, and even some became death eaters. But my parents joined the order of the phoenix and were removed from the family. After Hogwarts, most of the family were punished. My parents were rewarded for working in the order of the phoenix. The rest of the family were dissatisfied with this. Although they were re-accepted by other family members, they were treated very poorly in the family.
Not long after I was born, both my parents died in an accident. Other family members took me in reluctantly and have always held a prejudice against me. Among many brothers and sisters, I was even treated as an outsider. On the one hand, adults instilled in us the idea of pure descent and nobility; on the other hand, they treated me differently from other children. It was in this environment that I grew up.
The family's wealth has not been reduced by the war. So on the whole, my childhood was not too hard. But their prejudice against me still hasn't disappeared. I don't hate them, I just want to escape from this family. As time went by, I also showed my magic ability. In order to escape the supervision of adults, I often peek at the magic books of my brothers and sisters and secretly practice using broomsticks.
When I was seven years old, I went to diagon alley alone and bought the first wand in my life. It was an elder wand with phoenix feathers in its core. When Mr. Ollivander sent me out, he looked at me with disbelief.
Then I taught myself a lot of magic knowledge, and I have been practicing magic spells. I very much hope to be able to enter Hogwarts earlier. I tried to enter Hogwarts from the forbidden forest, but the forbidden forest was very large. I met a snake there. Thanks to its kindness to remind me, I didn't continue to walk in. At that time, I didn't know about Parseltongue.
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