Jack Dragneel


I'm just a wizard with messy hair and cool glasses that likes lion's and dragon's (if you want to do a certain rp, owl me please)

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Appearance: Dark messy hair (a little curly), red eyes, tanned skin, 5'9", athletic build, and is always wearing a dark red scarf made with dragon scales (it's a normal wool scarf when doing non wizard RP)
Residence: Leaky Cauldron
Gender: Male
Blood: Half-blood
Wand: Aspen wood, dragon heartstring core, 12", reasonably supple flexibility
Patronus: King Cobra
Likes: Dragons, lions, muffins, cookies, and ice cream

-Kingdom of Opomus:
Weapon: A giant sword that is wrapped in bandages (5'0"). It has a red guard with one wing facing the right side and a black handle
Appearance: A black t-shirt under a tattered hooded cloak, black pants tucked into knee high metal boots. Right arm is completely bandaged and the left has a metal glove that reaches his elbow

-Tales of Hollow:
Weapon: A giant sword (5'0") that has a red guard with one wing facing the right side and a black handle
Appearance: Wears a dark navy tunic with black pants and boots, dark grey armor over it, and his scarf

-Demigod/Percy Jackson:
Age: Depends but mostly 17
God parent: Apollo
Weapons: Bow & arrows, sword, and a knife
Clothes: T-shirt/Camp Half-Blood shirt, his scarf, ripped jeans, and Vans
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