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Post on my wall or owl me if you want to RP! I don’t do mature!

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 I'm Luna, I'm an ISTP, and im in GMT. 


My OCs

<summary>Ashlyn Hallewell</summary>

(I don’t really use her anymore, but you can still ask me to use her.)

Age: Depends

Appearance: Brown hair, pale skin, freckles, green eyes, tall

Personality: Smart, a good listener

Sexuality: Straight</details>

<summary>Luna Ashworth</summary>

(used in royal, fighting, and most Fantasy RPs, also Hogwarts)

Age: Depends

Appearance: She has black wavy hair that is of medium length, and is often quite messy, along with bright blue-green eyes that stand out and can be quite intimidating if she focuses on you. She is quite tall.

Personality: she is friendly, kind, outgoing and determined, but very stubborn when it comes to it. She is sometimes reckless, and often gets injured, but will do anything for her friends even if it puts her in danger.

Sexuality: Biromantic Asexual



<summary>Ophelia Amari</summary>

(used in Royal and friendship RPs)

Age: depends, but usually above fifteen

Appearance: Long straight black hair, pale gray eyes, light brown skin. Gets freckles if she is out in the sun for too long.

Personality: Cold, Practical, clever, and responsible, on the outside. It will take years if you want the outside to even start to crack, unless she really trusts you.

Sexuality: Pansexual</details>

<summary>Felicity Hopkins</summary>

(used in the Rebellion and army/fighting RPs)

Age: Depends

Personality: sweet, naive, caring and worrying, but is very sad and lonely sometimes, and has a temper

Sexuality: depends on RP</details>

<summary>Olivia Harrow</summary>

(Used in apocalypse and fighting RPs)

Age: Usually above sixteen

Appearance: light brown skin that is sometimes freckled, long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is tall and wiry in frame.

Personality: Brave, reckless, smart, stubborn and fiercely competitive. Will sacrifice most things to win, so long as it doesn’t harm others.


Tbh there have been a million since then, I'm most likely to use Luna or Ada (not included in these descriptions), but I'm not going to bother updating everything. 

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<summary>Fandoms/books/ I RP! No canon characters though</summary>

-Percy Jackson


-His Dark Materials (no one really RPs this but I love it so please do)

-Three Dark Crowns series

-Red queen</details><details>-Priory of the orange tree (I love u if u have read this)

-Six of Crows</details>

And I don’t roleplay anything mature.
Thank you for checking out my backstory!

<summary>Other Images</summary>

Dress for balls!

Shoes for the ball!



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