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Heyy! I'm Ella Grace Ortega! i'm a fourth year Gryffindor Chaser and Model!

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Heyy! I'm Ella Grace Ortega! i'm a 4th year gryffindor chaser, actress, and model! heres my story:

it all started on may 13th, 2006. i was born to my muggle parents. growing up, i often times had weird experiences with magic. sometimes i would accidentally turn a page of homework blue, or have a bright light coming from the eraser on my pencil. i had no clue what was going on, and neither did my parents. until may 13th, 2016. i was walking home from school. every day before i go inside my house, i get the mail from my mailbox. on this particular day, there was something rather unusual on my mailbox. it was an owl, and he was holding a letter. the letter was addressed to me. i was confused, so i took the letter. i gave my parents the mail, and i went up to my room to read it. i was invited to a school called hogwarts. and i was a witch. i didn't believe it at first. i thought it was a prank of sorts, until i kept getting more and more of the same letter. after weeks of ignoring all of these letters, i got a knock at my door. i opened it, and there was a huge man standing in my doorway. he had a scraggly beard and a pink umbrella. he told me his name was hagrid, and he was here to talk to my parents about hogwarts. in my head i was thinking "wow this is a fantastic prank", but after hagrid was done talking to my parents, he told me that we needed to go to a place called diagon alley immediately and get my supplies for the school year. i was confused, because i already was all ready for my muggle school. hagrid took me to my fireplace and using floo powder, he took me to diagon alley. and it was magical! (literally!) i got my robes, books, wand, cauldrons, and lots of candies at honeydukes! it was amazing!! i went back home and began packing for hoggwarts. i couldn't wait until september first! finally the day came. hagrid came to my door, and he dropped me off at kings cross. i looked at my ticket and it said platform 9 3/4, but i was confused because that doesn't exist. then i saw another girl. she looked really sweet and kind, and she was dressed in robes just like me. she also looked lost, so i introduced myself. her name was lily amanda amber, and that moment completely changed my life. we finally figured out how to get to platform 9 3/4, and then we met 2 other girls who looked identical to lily. their names were hermione granger and emma jean granger. we all became great friends. then we got on the hogwarts express, all nervous, but also very excited! we laughed and talked and then heard a knock on our compartment door. hermione opened it, and there were 5 boys looking for a place to sit. their names were harry potter, ron weasley, jake armorcada, logan west, and draco malfoy. i immediately had a crush on draco malfoy, and lily later told me she could see it on my face the second draco walked into the compartment. we all became great friends, and promised eachother that no matter what house we get sorted into, we'll stick together and stay best friends. and we kept that promise! all of us got sorted into gryffindor, except for draco and jake who are in slytherin. during the year at hogwarts, we all had the time of our lives together! and we stuck together through the whole thing! that summer, we always went to eachothers houses and hung out as much as possible! Lilys parents even called us the 8 siblings from different families, and that couldn't be more true! during our second year, we started to realize who we are and who we wanted to be. me, lily, and emma all became chasers for the quidditch team, harry became gryffindor seeker, and draco became slytherin seeker! we had playful competitions and we always practiced together. me, emma, and lily all got into acting, and we've done lots of movies and won tons of awards! in our 3rd year, we were finally allowed to go to hogsmeade, and we were also allowed to go to the hogwarts annual spring dance! i went with draco, who i had a MASSIVE crush on at the time! we both really liked eachother, and over the summer we started dating! this was when everyone was starting to get really successful in their careers. me and draco kept our relationship a secret from the press, but when we finally told everyone, he got a bunch of interview requests and stuff. although hes a quidditch seeker, he started getting modeling jobs and acting jobs. all of us are acting now, we all model, emma sings, me, emma, lily, harry and draco play quidditch, and we're all best friends! and that brings us to present day! :))

here are a bunch of pictures of me!

emma made this cool collage!

my uncles house in miami with lily and draco!

this was in london! me and hermione were waiting for emma and lily to meet us so i was taking a nap and hermione took this picture lol


those last 2 pictures are from lilys house. the most random but fun stuff happens there lol


this was my collab with Black Ivy to make my own perfume! its called "Ma Cherie" by Ella Grace Ortega! (it means "my darling") it has lots of different flowers and scents, and they all mean something to me!

lilacs: my mom and my grandma's favorite flower

lilies: for one of my best friends Lily Amanda Amber

roses: for another one of my best friends Emma Jean Granger. when i first met her, it was because of a project that she made and in it she said that she got the lead role of belle in her school play at her muggle school. a main part of beauty and the beast is the rose, and whenever i think of emma, i think of roses!

daisies: for my boyfriend draco, because on our first official date in hogsmeade, he found some daisies and he picked a few for me. he said it was bc all the other flowers are magical and wizarding flowers, and the daisy was the only one in the flower bed that he knew bc it was a muggle flower. so he picked it and gave it to me! <3

listening to emmas album "utopia"! its so good!!

interview in second year!


and me in my hogwarts robes!

Boyfriend: Draco
this is him at one of my movie premieres! he always comes with me, so a lot of these pics will be him wearing a suit <3
this is just a pic i took of him! isn't he so cute?
he looks so classy in this one! it gives me an old hollywood vibe! this was also at one of my premeires!
this one has a backstory. he didn't know what to wear to one of my red carpet events, and i told him to wear this one. He said "are u sure? i just don't know how i feel about it" and i go "just trust me. it'll look amazing!" and he put it on and he LOVED it!
one of my FAVES! this was at a really big wizarding award show!
there are a lot more pictures if you scroll down on my wall and also on his wall!

Bestie: Logan Parker Hudson

image upload

Bestie: Emma Jean Granger

a cool collage that emma made!

image upload

this is emma and logans new movie "glitch"!!

Bestie: Lily Amanda Amber

image upload

lily's new horror/dystopian movie "run"!!

lily dancing with viktor krum!

award showww

aaahhh she looks stunningggg


me and emma at an award show!

me and draco <33

this is me, draco, and lily at an award show! both of them look amazing as usual! draco was standing there bc he doesn't know how to pose for cameras lol and lily was a few feet away from him, and i saw them and got super excited bc i was nervous the entire day leading up to the red carpet, so i ran up to draco and lils and gave draco a hug, and the picture was taken just as i was done with me and dracos hug and about to go give lils a hug! and i was all smiley because i was excited to see them and because of how amazing lily looked!


me and lilyyyy!


emma meeting emma watson! she was so excited!


me and draco again!

so happy emoticons

these are all from behind the scenes of my new movie "juliette" with hugh mcclain!

and another one with draco at a basketball game!

me and draco doing a photoshoot for black ivy!

me and draco at an award show for his show HHOTB! after this picture was taken i realized he snuck up behind me haha
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