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and now, the weather.

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age: 15

pgp: she/her/hers

blood status: half-blood

wand: 12 inches, cherry wood, phoenix feather core, supple

house: ravenclaw

patronus: wolf

amortentia: rain, the smell of winter, almonds, freshly baked cookies

looks: wavy, white hair, 5'9", amber eyes, round glasses (or contacts), lots of piercings

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- more than one sentence! i don't usually write essays but one sentence is practically nothing.

- please write in third-person, but if you don't want to at least be consistent. don't switch tenses either.

- swearing is fine, but otherwise keep it appropriate. i won't swear if you don't swear.

- keep it interesting. try your best to advance the plot, and include action in your replies. rps aren't one-sided.

- PLEASE use correct grammar! just because i use lowercase on my wall DOES NOT mean we will use it in rps.


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i didn't expect the spanish inquisition

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