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hey! i'm draco. i'm really not mean. the hp books are prophecies. i used to look like the draco in the movies when i was little but not anymore lol :)

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Hi! I'm Draco Elliot Malfoy! Nice to meet you! I'm a 4th year Slytherin seeker, and i go to Hogwarts with my friends Lily Amanda Amber, Jake Armorcada, Emma Jean Granger, Taylor Cho Belle Davis, and my girlfriend Ella Grace Ortega!

So it all started on November 11th, 2005. i was born to Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy. From the minute i was born, people thought i was evil and cruel. i had no idea why for a really long time. when i was around 9, i found out about the harry potter books. at this point, i was in a muggle school, and everyone was reading harry potter. so i decided to start reading, and the book portrayed me as a terrible person. i was confused, so i asked my parents. i didn't know why me and my family were described so terribly in the books. my parents told me that the harry potter books are prophecies. i was confused, because i thought i was a muggle. when i turned 11, i got my hogwarts letter. i was shocked, because i read about hogwarts in the harry potter books. i ignored it, thinking it was a joke. then i got another one. and another. and another. and i finally asked my parents what it was. they said "draco, we've been keeping this a secret from you, but you're a wizard. i'm a witch and your father is a wizard too." and in that moment everything made sense. I got all my books and materials for my first year, and my father took me to platform 9 3/4. the minute i got there, i met Jake Armorcada. we instantly became best friends. me and jake then met 3 other people named Harry Potter, Logan West and Ron Weasley. i recognized 2 of them from the books, and we all got super close. we were talking and talking and talking, and we almost missed the Hogwarts Express! we completely lost track of time. we ran onto the train, but there were no empty compartments! so we knocked on a random compartment door and asked if we could sit there. they said yes! we all sat down. Inside that compartment was 4 girls by the names of Ella Grace Ortega, Lily Amanda Amber, Emma Jean Granger, and Hermione Granger. 3 of them looked identical, and Ella looked like the prettiest girl i've ever seen. we all instantly became super close and spent the really long train ride talking, eating, laughing, and having more fun than i've ever had in my life. it was almost time to get off the train, and we promised eachother that we would stick together no matter what house we get sorted into. Everyone got sorted into Gryffindor, except for me and jake. we were sorted into Slytherin. i was sad because more than half of the group was in gryffindor, and i didn't want any of us to drift apart because of our different houses. but luckily for us, we kept our promise! we stayed as close as anyone can ever be! we became great friends with hagrid, had fun in all of our classes, studied in the library together, and got special permission from Dumbledore to sit together during meals even though we're supposed to be at different tables because of our houses! that summer, we always went to eachothers houses and hung out as much as possible! Lilys parents even called us the 9 siblings from different families, and that couldn't be more true! during our second year, we started to realize who we are and who we wanted to be. Ella, Lily, and Emma all became the gryffindor chasers for the quidditch team, harry became gryffindor seeker, and i became slytherin seeker! we had playful competitions and we always practiced together. Lily, Emma, and Ella all got into acting and modeling, and they're amazing at it! Ella is the official wizarding world teen model, and the ambassador for her modeling agency, Magic Models Inc. along with Emma and Lily! Emma, Lily, and Hermione are like triplets! They're all also actresses, and they're amazing at it!! Ella, Lily, and Emma are considered the triplet actresses because they always break the same records at the same time and get the same nominations at the same red carpets! in our 3rd year, we were finally allowed to go to hogsmeade, and we were also allowed to go to the hogwarts annual spring dance! i went with ella, who i had a MASSIVE crush on at the time! we both really liked eachother, and over the summer we started dating! this was when everyone was starting to get kinda famous. me and ella kept our relationship a secret from the press, but once we finally told the world that we were dating, i got interview requests from lots of magazines and talk shows! one of them was Late Night with Mark Layton, one of the biggest wizarding world talk shows! i went on the show with Hugh McClain, a really famous wizarding actor. (ella's a huge fan of him, and when he told her he's a fan of hers at an award show, she couldn't talk straight for half an hour lol) and after that, i started doing photoshoots for magazines and ella convinced me to get into acting. it turns out i had at least a little bit of acting talents, because i started getting booked for lots of jobs! and that brings us to present day!

here are a bunch of pics of me:

ella took this one (just like pretty much all the other ones)

we were doing a bit of a photoshoot lol

most of the pics are me wearing a suit bc i go to all of her award shows and red carpets and premieres just like how she comes to all of my quidditch games!

ella LOVES this pic lol

this was on a date with ella. i asked for butter beer in a to-go cup so i could take her to our hideout

lol this is ellas wallpaper and my wallpaper is a pic of her with hearts around her head

award show

she's obsessed with this pic. she says it "has old hollywood vibes" <3

and again another date with ella <3 i love her a lot

and heres a picture of me and ells <3333

aaaaand another one

Girlfriend: Ella Grace Ortega

this is her with one of her best muggle friends Audrey Morgan Kennedy

this was when me, ella, lily, emma, harry, ron, hermione, jake, and jakes girlfriend ally all spent the summer at ella's uncle's mansion in miami! it was super fun!

shes so pretty and perfect in every way possible


shes an amazing actress and a model! shes actually the wizarding world official teen model! and shes the ambassador for her modeling agency Magic Models Inc. along with emma and lily! they're also called the triplet actresses because they always break the same records and win the same awards at the same red carpets and stuff!

i love this picture lol

me and her <3


Emma Jean Granger:

this was emma at the hogwarts annual spring dance!! she went with logan!

she looks a lot like hermione and lily! fans always get confused lol

Lily Amanda Amber:

lily, hermione, and emma look almost identical!

this was during a photoshoot. ella was the photographer, and lily had to borrow one of my suits lol

this is me, ella, and lily at an award show!!

Logan West:


emma meeting emma watson! she was so excited!

emma and ella at a red carpet event!

emma, harry, and ron! we were all going down to hagrids hut and lily took this picture!

emma and harry at a red carpet event!

sorry i just had to put this picture in again because i honestly love it

this is me, ella, and lily at an award show! both of them look amazing as usual! i was standing there bc idk how to pose for cameras, and lily was a few feete away from me, and ella saw us and she got super excited bc she was nervous the entire day leading up to the red carpet, so she ran up to me and lils and gave me a hug, and the picture was taken just as she was done with our hug and about to go give lils a hug! and she told me she was all smiley because she was excited to see us and because of how amazing lily looked!

aaaand me and ella again!
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