Lily Amanda Amber

Total Nerd & Actress

Hullo! I'm Lily Amanda Amber, a Gryffindor Muggle-Born who loves studying, magic, and Hogwarts. My favorite subject is Potions, and my second is DADA!

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When I first learned about Hogwarts, I was so excited! I couldn't wait to start! I read all the books beforehand, and bought the course books from the years ahead of me. I made sure to go over and memorize all the spells, plants, and potions beforehand. I was in Diagon Alley, buying my school supplies when I ran into a very nice girl. She was starting Hogwarts too. We spent the rest of the day together, and quickly became best friends. I learned her name was Ella Grace Ortega, and that she was a model/actress. We decided to go to King's Cross together. When we finally made it onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters, I (literally) ran into two girls who looked identical to me, and another very pretty girl! Hermione Jean Granger, Emma Jean Granger, Taylor Cho Belle Davis, Ella, and I formed an instant friendship. It was one of those things where you just know that the person you just met is someone you can trust with your life. The five of us settled into a compartment, when we were joined by five boys, Harry, Ron, a boy named Logan West, another boy named Jake Armorcada, and Draco, and the ten of us talked, laughed, and shared life stories and sweets on the ride to Hogwarts. When it was time to be sorted, the ten of us promised to remain friends, regardless of our houses. I got sorted into Gryffindor, but the hat considered Ravenclaw for me. Everyone else did as well, except for Draco and Jake, who got Slytherin, and Taylor got into Hufflepuff. I was thrilled for all my new friends, but a little crestfallen that Draco, Taylor, and Jake weren't in our house. When we got to the Gryffindor Tower, I discovered I was in a dorm with Hermione, Emma, and Ella, and my last thought before I fell asleep was how lucky I was to have made such great friends. The next day, in classes, I wanted to make an great first impression, so I raised my hand for every question asked. Hermione, Emma, and I quickly got labeled the class nerds, but we didn't mind. After class (and after finishing my homework, of course), I decided to go exploring around the castle, when I came across a set of twins trying to play a prank on Filtch by Vanishing his cleaning supplies. I helped them with the spell, and afterwards, Fred and George Weasley took me, Emma, Ella, Logan, Jake, Taylor, and Draco on as their pranking apprentices. Eventually, when flying lessons came about, I discovered I could fly very well! My first year at Hogwarts was brilliant, and the fun continued in the summer. The ten of us were constantly inviting each other over to each others houses, and we always had fun, no matter where we were. We became so close, my mum often refers to us as "the nine siblings from different families." I met Ginny Weasley, who became my "little sister". I love her so much! In my second year, I was asked to play Chaser for Gryffindor. Emma, Harry, and Ella were also asked to join, and Draco was asked to be a Seeker for Slytherin. Taylor also became the Seeker for Hufflepuff! There's always a bit of a playful competition between the six of us. In our second year, all of us started to get into acting, and we've become quite well-known! For my third year, I enrolled in every extra class except Divination (Which I think is a lot of guesswork) and Muggle Studies (I'm Muggle-Born!) During the summer of our second year, Ella and Draco started dating, as did Emma and Logan! They are still dating to this day, and are very happy together! The summer of our third year, Hermione and Ron got together, and Harry (whom I had a huge crush on) asked me to be his girlfriend! I said yes of course, and we've been very happy together! I'm currently in my fourth year at Hogwarts, and I can honestly say that it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. My friends have literally become a part of my family. If you want to find me around Hogwarts, try the library first! I love to read so much! If I'm not there, I'm probably outside enjoying fresh air with Harry, studying for my OWL's with Hermione, writing songs with Emma, doing a photoshoot with Ella, running lines with Draco, practicing Quidditch with Logan, eating snacks with Ron, joking around with Ginny, taking pictures with Taylor, visiting Hagrid, in the kitchens with Cedric, reading with Luna, in my common room relaxing with my friends (we sometimes let Taylor, Draco, Jake, Cedric, and Luna in, shh!), finishing up homework with Hermione, Emma, Taylor, and Ella, in the Forbidden Forest with Emma, Ella, Draco, Jake, Harry, Hermione, Taylor, Logan, or Ron, pranking someone with Fred, George and Ginny, brewing potions in the dungeon, practicing spells and memorizing theories, or just by myself.

Nicknames (That I use for my friends, and that they use for me):

Mine - Lils, Gryffindor Geek, Triplet
Emma - Em, Triplet, Great Gryffindor
Ella - E, El
Harry - Love
Ronald - Ron
Logan - L
Draco - Drake
Hermione - Mione
Ginny - Gin
Fred and George - Mini Marauders
Taylor - Tay, T
Cedric - Ced



Me, doing a photoshoot with Ella at the Burrow

Me, at a premiere!

Me dancing with Viktor Krum at the Wizarding Oscars, my first major awards event!

Me, outside Emma's house with her and Logan!

Me, during a photoshoot.

Another photoshoot!

More photoshoots!

At a premiere! <3

Another premiere <3


This is one I took of her in her uncle's mansion in Miami when Draco and I were over.

Ella's collab with Black Ivy to make a perfume <33

Selfie <3

Another spectacular selfie <3


A collage Emma made of herself <3

Emma at a picnic <33

Emma in a photoshoot! <33


Hermione in the Great Hall


Logan, during a walk with Emma!

Logan in a hoodie!


Draco at a premiere <3

Draco at another premiere haha

Draco on a date with Ella <3

Bonus Pictures:

Drella! <33

logan and emma <33

me and harry <3 he's the best boyfriend ever <33

Romione <33

Me with Ella and Draco at a premiere <33

Ella and I during a premiere <3

Movie Posters and Album Covers:

Run, a horror/dystopian movie that I star in!

The cover for my first ever album <3 I'm so thankful to everyone I collaborated with and everyone who inspired and made this possible <33

A beach musical movie I did with Harry <33

Poster for an action movie I did with Ella, Emma, and Draco <33

A poster for a movie that I filmed about a girl who is slowly losing her mind <3

Posters for a movie Ella and I did <33

Poster for a movie Emma and I did <33

Movie posters for a teenage drama movie that Harry, Ron, Draco, and I filmed together <3

Poster for a movie Emma and Logan were in! <3

Posters for a movie Harry and Emma were in <33

A poster for a movie that Emma and I were in <33

Poster for movie that Hermione and Emma did! <3

Poster for a movie Hermione, Emma, and I all did <33

Cover for Emma's first album 11:11 <33

Cover for Emma's second album Utopia <3

Cover for a TV show Emma, Ella, Logan, and Draco all did


Emma and Logan’s new song!

More Pictures:

Seamus, Harry, and I over the summer! We were at a party at my house, and we had just gotten out of the pool!

Draco and I in class in our second year <3

Draco and I in Diagon Alley in our first year!

Photoshoot with Harry and Ron <3

Harry, Ron, and I at a premire <3

Ron, Harry, and I after our first day of second year <3

Ella <3 Looking FABULOUS

Harry and Emma! Taken by Hermione <3

Harry and I in a movie scene <3

Harry and I watching The Fat Lady try to sing <3

Little first year Ron <33

Hermione took this one of Harry asked her and Emma on how to ask me out <3 He's the best ever I can't even <3

Harry and I dancing <3 Best boyfriend ever <3

Draco and I fooling around at the Wizarding Oscars <3

Movie scene from my first ever movie 'Always'. Draco's character was looking for my character to cheer her up <3 loved filming this

Movie scene from Always <3 There was an epilogue and they put a spell on us to make us look older <3 This is me and Draco

Harry, Ron, and I <3

This is a really funny one, so Harry, Ron, Logan, Jake, and Draco were all staying at Hogwarts while Ella, Hermione, Emma and I went to Emma's house in our first year. So, I missed the boys so much, when I saw them all I ran to them and gave each of them huge hugs. They were a bit stunned, because we hadn't really ever hugged before (We do it all the time now). So, after I hugged Ron, who was the last boy, he laughed and made a joke about me hugging, and we laughed and shook hands! <3

Harry Ron and I, in our first year <3

Me with Ginny <3 She's like my little sister <33

Me and Ginny at the Quidditch World Cup <3

Me with Fred <3 He and George are like my older brothers <33

Me, planning a prank with Fred and George

Me, with Fred and George in Hogsmede taken by Ella <3

Me, hugging Harry <3

Me and Ron, on the last day of filming for "Stand By You"

Me and Harry <33

Harry, Ron, and I walking down the Great Hall <3

Me and Harry, first year <3

Lemma <33

Me during an interview <3

Me with Luna and Ginny!

Another interview <3

Draco and I behind the scenes of a movie <33

Harry and I <33

Movie scene with Harry <3

Harry and I in class <3

Ron and I in a movie scene from "Stand By You"!

Harry and I talking in our first year!

Harry and I at a dinner!

Harry, Ron, and I in our first year!

Harry, Ron, and I in an interview in our second year!

First year <3

Me talking to Seamus and Neville!

Emma laughing in the Great Hall!

Emma looking great in the Slytherin Common Room! Props to Draco and Jake for letting us in!

Emma in our second year, looking great!

Ella in Miami looking fantastic <3

One of Ella's selfies!

Ella in a hoodie!

Draco and Ella!! <33 I ship them!

Emma looking fantastic!!

First year Emma!

Ella looking great!!

Draco in the Gryffindor Common Room! We let him in, shh!

Collage Ella made of Draco!! Drella for life! <3

Logan doing a photoshoot with a cute dog!

Logan and Emma make the cutest couple!!

Emma at a premiere!

Lemma <33 They're a match made in heaven! (Made by Emma! She's fantastic at editing pictures!)

Drella! <3 They're so perfect for each other! (Made by Emma! She's fantastic at editing pictures!)

Romione! I've been shipping them since the first year! (Made by Emma! She's fantastic at editing pictures!)

Harry and I! (Our ship name is Larry, which sounds really strange, but it's okay!) <3 (Made by Emma! She's fantastic at editing pictures!)

Me, behind the scenes!

Me in a classroom with Harry and Ron in our first year! I broke a book by accident!

Me playing around in the Wizarding Oscars!

Me with Ron and Harry behind the scenes.

Me in a movie scene!

Me with Vickor and Draco and the Wizarding Oscar!

Me behind the scenes of a Wizarding version of Pirates of the Caribbean. (I loved filming this so much!)

Me at a script reading!

Me in a movie scene! Don't worry, no one got hurt!

Me and Harry in a movie scene!

Emma recording a duet song with me from my album “Wonderland”! We actually recorded our separate albums together (Emma’s was called Utopia, and it’s brilliant!), wore the same outfit while recording as a prank, and released them on the same day! Emma really helped me with this album, and I couldn’t have done it without her!

Movie scene from a upcoming movie!

Me playing around with Ron in our first year!

Me and Draco in our second year!

Me with Draco in our second year! He's like my older brother!

Me and Ron studying! He's like my older brother as well!

Me with Neville, Harry, and Dumbledore behind the scenes

Me with Harry at an event.

Me recording my first ever album, "Wonderland"! I loved working on it!

Movie scene from the Wizarding version of "Pirates of the Caribbean"!

Me in my first year!

Movie scene!

Me with Fred! George took this!

Me with the twins!

Me with Emma <3 She's the best!

Me on a date with Harry! Uncle Sirius was chaperoning, and the three of us had a lot of fun!

Me in Paris!

Ella, Emma, and I at Disney!

Me in my photoshoots!

Emma and I!

Me meeting Emma Watson! Emma surprised me with her in our first year for my birthday!

Emma and I in our first year!

Me in an interview with my friends River and Hades!

Harry and I at Uncle Sirius's house!

First year, at a Quidditch match!

Harry and I walking to our next class! Taken by Emma!

Aesthetic picture of me!

Me on the first day of term in my first year!

Draco and I at a Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff Quidditch match, cheering on our friend Taylor, in our second year!

Me in class in my first year! Taken by Ron!

Scene from my first ever horror movie!

Ron, Harry, and I fooling around in our first year!

Ron and I in our first year, during December!

Draco, Harry, and Ron playing around in our first year, as we were waiting to first see Hogwarts!

Ron and I playing a hand game in out first year!


Me with Emma <3 She's the best (unbiological) sister ever!
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