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Hello! I'm Hermione Jean Granger!! I have another account by the name of ✰ Hermione ✰!!

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Hi everyone! I'm Hermione Jean Granger. I go to hogwarts with my friends Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Emma Jean Granger, Ella Grace Ortega, Lily Amanda Amber, Logan West, and Jake Armorcada! Continue reading to hear my story, and to see pictures of me and all of my friends! I also have another account by the name of ✰ Hermione Granger ✰!


My story truly began when i received my Hogwarts letter. I was going for a stroll around my neighborhood, and i came home to see an owl perched up on my mailbox. It was carrying a letter with my name on it! Opening that letter changed my life. Hogwarts is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. I got my robes and wand from Diagon Alley, and i got lots and lots of books! I studied everything there is to know about Hogwarts, and i learned all the courses by memory. I was nervous, but very excited! On September first, i went to kings cross. And i met some people that i could trust with my life! I was walking around, clutching my books to read during the train ride in one hand and my big trunk full of cauldrons, robes, and more books in the other. I accidentally bumped into a girl who looked exactly like me! We talked, talked, and talked some more. Her name was Emma Jean Granger. To this day, we think we're long lost sisters! We have the same middle and last name, and the same birthday, not to mention we look exactly the same! As we were admiring the Hogwarts Express and talking about the adventures we would have together during the next 7 years, we met 2 other girls named Lily Amanda Amber and Ella Grace Ortega. And Lily looked exactly like us too! We all became great friends and decided to sit together in a compartment. Not long after sitting down and settling in, we heard a knock on our compartment door. I opened it and to my surprise, there were 5 boys our age looking for a place to sit! Their names were Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Jake Armorcada, and Logan West. Ella and Draco immediately had a connection, you could see it in their eyes! And so did Logan and Emma. We were all excited to go to Hogwarts, and the 9 of us became great friends! We made a promise to each other that no matter house we get sorted into, we won't let that affect our friendship. We finally arrived at Hogwarts. It looked so majestic and beautiful against the lake. The next thing i know, i'm in the great hall, and Professor McGonagall called my name. "Granger, Hermione!" I ran up to the stool, and Professor McGonagall placed the sorting hat on my head. "Ah, i see we have an intelligent mind. Shall we place you in Ravenclaw? But you are brave at heart, and you have a daring nature. Which means the only suitable house for you is GRYFFINDOR!" I was so excited! I got to be in the same house as Emma, Lily, and Ella! Harry, Ron, and Logan were sorted into Gryffindor as well, but Draco and Jake were in Slytherin. We didn't let that affect our friendship though! We all studied together in the library whenever we could, and always had a great time! In our second year, we all started realizing who we were and who we wanted to be. I continued studying, because i wanted to be an Auror (i still do!), but Emma, Lily, and Ella all became Chasers for the Gryffindor Quidditch team! Harry became the Seeker, and Draco became Seeker for Slytherin! Quidditch took up a lot of their time, but we always found time to spend with eachother! In our third year, we were allowed to go to Hogsmeade, and we got to attend the Hogwarts Annual Spring Dance! i went with Ron, Lily went with Fred Weasley (Ron's older brother!), Emma went with Logan, and Ella went with Draco! And that brings us to present day! I am currently in my 4th year at Hogwarts! Ella and Draco are dating, and so are Emma and Logan! And as of recent, Lily and Harry are together! They're all famous actors and models (And Emma sings too! She has a beautiful voice!) and although i may not be as famous, i do enjoy acting sometimes! But my priority at the moment is studying and learning as much as i can!



Harry, Ron, and I at Ellas house! It was raining outside, and Lily took this picture!

Harry and I before our first class at Hogwarts! Taken by Emma!

First flying class! I think Ella took this one!

Me with my cat, Crookshanks!

Draco and I in the library! Ella took this one in first year. Someone was being mean to me and my friends, and i got upset.

Me and Crookshanks again! Emma took this one at the 3 Broomsticks in Hogsmeade!

Harry, Ron, and I in the library studying!


Harry in the Great Hall in first year!

Harry, Ron and I in our third year! Taken by Emma!

Harry on the Hogwarts Express at the start of our third year! I took this one!

Harry, Ron and I messing around in first year!

I took this one of Harry in the courtyard looking for Emma to ask for advice on how to ask Lily out!

I took this adorable picture of Harry and Lily!

Harry with the sorting hat, taken by Ella!


Ron in our first year! Doesn't he look so little?

Ron with his rat, Scabbers!

On the Hogwarts Express at the start of second year!

This was when Ron broke his wand!

I took this one of Ron in the Gryffindor common room!

Me and Ron in second year! I was helping him study right outside Hogwarts, and Emma was about to join us! Righ before she did, she took this picture!


Emma made this cool collage!

Shes a fantastic model!

This was taken by Logan in Hogsmeade! Emma and Logan were on a date, and Emma was cold so she put a jacket on!

Isn't she gorgeous?

Emma at red carpets! Shes an amazing actress!


Lily and Harry in a movie scene!

Lily and Harry! They're so perfect together!

Lily at a movie premiere! Shes a fantastic actress!

Photoshoot! Shes an amazing model as well!

man photo hd

She looks stunning!


Ella in her Hogwarts robes!

An interview in second year! Ella is a famous actress and an amazing model!

Ella's new perfume called "Ma Cherie"! Go to her profile to learn about all the different types of flowers and why she chose them!

Hogsmeade with Ella, Emma, Lily and me!

Emma made this collage!

man photo hd

Those last 2 are pictures of Ella with a famous wizarding actor named Hugh McClain! Shes starring in a movie with him called "Juliette"!


Collage made by Emma!

man photo hd

Draco is an actor as well, but he's focusing on quidditch at the moment!


Collage by Emma!

Logan with his dog!

man photo hd

Bonus Pictures:

Emma and Ella!

Draco and Harry before their first Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Quidditch game!

Drella!! I ship them with my entire heart <3

Ella, Lily, and Draco!

Ella and Lily!

Emma meeting Emma Watson! She was so excited!


And drella again!

man photo hd

Me and Emma!

Harry and Lily!!

man photo hd

Emma and Logan! They're so cute together!


man photo hd
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