♛ Eleanor ♛

In love with LeRn JeRgI

"Sing?" - 'Only for you'

  • Joined December 2017
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 7 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • France


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♛Eleanor Gardner♛


⤻ Never stays anywhere long enough to call it home
⤻ Currently staying in Paris, France for a while

⤻ Mixed origins: partly Spanish (father), partly French (Mother) and a little Cuban (unknown ancestors)

⤻ Falls in love with souls, not gender

⤻ Still believes in true love after all

⤻ Young and sweet, only seventeen

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⤻ Only cares about personalities

⤻ Reads a lot

⤻ Adores to travel

⤻ Eager to learn new things, especially languages

⤻ Sweet

⤻ Will always help anyone with anything

⤻ Really artsy, likes to sketch a lot

⤻ Has developed her own style

⤻ 'She's the sunshine waiting for the moon to light up her darkness'

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➳ No godmodding
➳ More than two lines per response
➳ Always third person
➳ If you use asterisks you can continue on your own
➳ Keep it interesting
➳ Romance is allowed but don’t make it cheesy
➳ If I don't respond I'm either not on, forgot about it or I got bored of the rp.
➳ If you want to rp, just post a starter on my wall, and I might like it enough to respond.

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