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{Hello!! I am Hannah Keller! Welcome!!}

No SwEaRiNg
unless you want to, then go ahead

<~~~~~> Moi <~~~~~>

Age: Wonderful age of 17 (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ノ⌒♡*:・。.

Birthday: April 4th 2004

Nationality: I'm Canadian

Sexuality: Lesbian and proud

Status: It’s complicated..

Mother - Forgotten
Father - Forgotten
Bud - German Shepard
George - Tabby cat

Personality: Find out, ig?

Me looks: Blonde (almost white) medium length hair, blue eyes with a tint of green.

Height: Why.. do you want to know?
But okay..? I’m 5 foot 5 inches

Emmie - Emma (ily)
Fel - Felicia
Vanessa Gryffindor
Butterfly ~ Lottie
Vanna ~ Ella
Queen Anna ~ Annabeth
Allie ~ Alicia
Katie ~ Kaelynn
Cookie ~ Logan
Twinkie ~ Sawyer
Flower - Sapphire

And more to be added!!

<~~~~~~> Favourites <~~~~~~>
Colour: Pink, white and blue

Animal: Dolphins

Seasons: Summer and Winter

My Emma ^-^

<~~~~~~> Dislikes <~~~~~~>
Play boys and girls, mean people, bullies
and animal abusers, etc.

<~~~~> Fandoms <~~~~>
(Not in any particular order)
Star Wars
Harry Potter (obv)
Warhammer (not 40k)
Lord of the Rings
Wars (any irl wars really)
World war 3
Zombies (World war Z, anything to do with zombies tbh)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Gravity Falls
Stranger Things
The Umbrella Academy
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Assassin’s Creed

<~~~~~> Magical <~~~~~>

House ~ Hufflepuff
Patronus ~ Nebelung Cat
Animagus: German Shepard
Wand: Pine wood with a dragon heartstring core, 9 ¾" and solid flexibility
Ilvermorny house ~ Thunderbird
Year ~ Third year
Blood type ~ Pureblood

<~~~~~> Moi <~~~~~>
{Fc: Sage Tullis}

<~~~~~> Anna and I <~~~~~>

<~~~~~> Lottie and I <~~~~~>

<~~~~~> Sapphire and I <~~~~~>

<~~~~~> Logan and I <~~~~~>

<~~~~~> GoLdEn tRiO <33 <~~~~~>

<~~~~~> Favourite Lyrics <~~~~~>

"I don't wanna be alive
I don't wanna be alive
I just wanna die today
I just wanna die
I don't wanna be alive
I don't wanna be alive
I just wanna die
And let me tell you why

All this other shit I'm talkin'
'bout they think they know it
I've been praying for somebody
to save me, no one's heroic
And my life don’t even matter
I know it, I know it, I know I'm
hurting deep down but can’t show it
I never had a place to call my own
I never had a home
Ain't nobody callin' my phone
Where you been? Where you at?
What's on your mind?
They say every life precious but
nobody care about mine" -Logic

<~~~~~> Aesthetics <~~~~~>

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk ;)
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