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Why is twin life so difficult ~ Gabby and Brooklyn

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Name: Brooklyn
Status: Taken by my beautiful Freya
Sexuality: bi
Brooky (Freya)
Give me some and I'll add it

Fc: Alex Lange
Me and my princess:

Name: Gabriella
Age: 18
Status: Taken by my handsome baby Alex <33333333
Sexuality: straight
Friends: Harvey
Nicknames: Gabby
Princess (Alex)
Give me more and I'll add them

Fc: Jade Webber
Me and my baby:

I love you so much Alex

Name: Caitlyn
Age: 19
Birthday: 23 January
Status: Engaged by Casibear
Sexuality: Straight
Friends: Jack (Jacky)
Nicknames: Caitie (Jacky)
Caity, cutie (Casibear)

last stand movies

Me and my baby:

Name: Rebecca
Age: 19
Sexuality: bi
Status: single
Friends: Joebear (Joey)
Nicknames: Becca
Pics of me:

google dice

Fc: Nina Dobrev
Me and Joebear:

Name: Nathan
Status: Taken by Collie (daddy)
Sexuality: Bi
Friends: Millie (Sunshine)
Collie (Collins)
Nicknames: Natebear (by sunshine)
Nat (by Collie)
Pics of me:

google dice

Me and Collie:

Fc: Shawn Mendes
My adorable babies Quilla and Loki

Name: David
Age: 18
Status: Single. Wanna change that?
Sexuality: Bi
Friends: Kaylee(Nala)
Bambi ~ Kaylee (Nala)
Kaylee (Nala)

Name: Jack
Age: 19
Status: Taken by Kitty <3333
Sexuality: Straight
Friends: Willow (Kitty)
Nickmanes: JackAttack (Kitty)
Me and Kitty:

vw beetle gsr 0 60

Name: Callie
Age: 17
Status: Single
Sexuality: Bi
Friends: Willow (wils)
Olive (Liv)
Nicknames: CC (by Willow)
Lili (by Liv)
Me and wils:

vw beetle gsr 0 60
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