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Read on for my actual backstory
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Password is knowledge (all lowercase)

Okay and now for the real backstory:

Lorraine "Rainy" Preston was born in Bangor, Wales. However, soon after she was born, her family moved to the United States for better job opportunities. She is an only child and both her parents are Muggles. Her mother, Adelaide, is French, which is why Rainy has a French first name. Her father, Gareth, is Welsh with an English background. When she was eleven, Rainy received her Hogwarts letter even though she lived in the US. She was shocked to find out that she was a witch. Her first days at Hogwarts were truly magical.

Rainy is shy, but not afraid to speak her mind. She's always had a hard time making friends because she avoids large groups of people. She doesn't really know how to interact with magical people since she grew up in a very different environment. She prefers to hang out in the Great Hall when it isn't busy and in the library. When she isn't in either of those locations, you'll find her in her room or the Ravenclaw common room. You can usually be sure that her face is in a book because she finds that reading is the only thing that keeps her mind from straying too far off. If she lets herself think too much without focus, she has a hard time coming back to reality. Rainy loves numbers and Arithmancy, and she can't wait to take an Arithmancy course, although she already has a working knowledge of the subject due to numerous hours spent reading Arithmancy books. When asked, she doesn't really know what subject to say is her favorite because she thinks there are good and bad parts of every subject. Her favorite muggle school subject was math. She still keeps up with her math while at Hogwarts because she thinks it's quite necessary no matter who you are.

Full name: Lorraine Preston (but she hates the name Lorraine, thus Rainy)

Age: depends on RP but 2nd year on hih

Hair: Reddish-brown, slightly shorter than shoulder length, stick straight, she keeps her bangs braided and sometimes puts her hair into two buns on the top of her head

Eyes: Gray like a stormy sky and slightly too large for her face

Height: 6' 0" (she's very tall)

Build: Tall and thin

Skin: Very pale with lots of freckles

Typical outfit: Hogwarts uniform, or big sweater with jeans, colorful socks, and black flats

Wand: Hawthorn wood with Phoenix feather core, 13 1/4", Unyielding flexibility

Patronus: Weasel

• Rudy and Glitter are brother and sister magical cats that are purple and have glowy aqua stripes
• Pepper is a jackalope bunny
• Jinxx is an unknown fox-like creature
• Ijo is a small bear-dog like creature who wears a cute little red bowtie

If you'd like to know anything else, please owl me!

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