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i make terrible art, tell terrible jokes and write terrible stories ♡

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Title: Student
Wand: Maple Wood, 12 1/2 inches, Phoenix Feather core, Slightly Springy
Patronus: Fox Terrier
DOB: 21/03/1999

Family is the most important thing to me. I was raised in the north west of England - Italian and Irish descended - by both my parents to be proud of who I am, to love everything and everyone and to spread positivity in all the ways I could. My father is a Muggleborn and he runs his own business in the Muggle world. My Mother comes from a long line of witches and wizards, working as both a caregiver and baker. They met at Hogwarts and although no longer together, stay close friends to this day.

I grew up with my older sister, an employee of the Ministry seeking out abandoned/misbehaving magical children to better their future; my older brother, a world wide adventuring magizoologist; and my younger brother, a self proclaimed future famous Quidditch player. I am the third Slytherin in my immediate family next to my father and my older sister; my two brothers being Gryffindors and my mother a Hufflepuff. My family is rather large, yet everyone of them I care deeply about and would put before anything and anyone.

Besides my life as a student at Hogwarts I have grown up with a very large interest in art, writing, travelling and music. My favourite lessons are Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. Charms I am not so fond of... I own a half kneazle half british shorthair cat named Luci and when out of Hogwarts both help my mother with her bakery and explore/learn from/draw the wildlife my current home has to offer.

I'm a frequent visitor of St Mungos due to my clumsy nature (I tripped on the way up to the sorting and sprained my ankle if that tells you anything about how clumsy I am.) I aim high, striving to follow the footsteps of my idols and the inspiration I receive from my hardworking and loving family. I dream to either become an auror or work amongst the beautiful magical creatures and plants that our world has to offer.
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